Year Founded: 1985

Type: Public University

Level: Top University

Location: Weihai, Shandong

  • Phone:+86-631-5687815
  • Zip Code:264209
  • Fax:+86-631-5681775
  • Address: No.2, West Wenhua Road, Weihai, Shandong province, China
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As a world-renowned technical university, HIT is one of the first batch top 9 key universities involved in Project 985 of Ministry of Education in China, known as the C9 League, which means Chinese top nine universities. HIT owns three thousand high quality faculty members, among them there are 35 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. In HIT, 9 first-class disciplines belong to national key disciplines, and 10 disciplines are ranked in top five in China. The number of national key disciplines related to engineering in HIT ranks No. 2 in all of China. In recent years, HIT has become the 7th best global university for engineering in the world.

HIT, Weihai campus was set up in 1985, and now has more than 11,000 full-time students, including undergraduates, graduates and PH.D candidates, and 535 academic faculty members. There are ten schools and department in HIT, Weihai, including the School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, the School of Marine Science and Technology, the School of Automotive Engineering, the School of Information and Electrical Engineering, the School of Computer Science & Software Engineering, the School of Material Science and Engineering, the School of Science, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Languages and Literature and the Department of Civil Engineering. HIT, Weihai offers 37 undergraduate programs, and accord with HIT, Harbin in offering 39 Masters and 27 Doctoral programs. In 2016, HIT Weihai founded the International School of Ocean Science and Engineering, led by a world-class international expert as its dean.      HIT, Weihai has cultivated many talented graduates.Our qualified students receive the same degree certificates issued by HIT. They have gone on to be successfully employed by large state-owned enterprises, emerging high-tech enterprises and international companies. 90% of these graduates are satisfied in their new jobs, and most employers unanimously give them favorable evaluations. Additionally, a lot of students go abroad for international exchange and further study, with their steps in USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherland, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Japan as well as other countries and regions.   

HIT, Weihai, a beautiful campus of HIT, as one of the top 9 universities in China, is opening its arms to welcome all of you. 


1. Non-degree

Chineselanguagenon-degree0.5 yearChinese7000September 
Chinese languagenon-degree0.5 yearChinese7000March

2. Bachelor Programs

Naval Architecture and Ocean EngineeringBachelor4 yearsEnglish26000September
Mechanical Engineering and AutomationBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Naval Architecture and Ocean EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Environment EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Bioengineering Bachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Chemical Engineering and ProcessesBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Food Science and EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Automotive EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Energy and Power EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
TransportationBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Traffic EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
AutomationBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Measurement Technology and InstrumentBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Electrical Engineering and AutomationBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Communication EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Electronics and Information EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Electronic Science and TechnologyBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Electromagnetic and Wireless TechnologyBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Computer Science and TechnologyBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Information SecurityBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Software EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Materials Science and EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Material Forming and Control EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Welding Technology and EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Electronic Packaging TechnologyBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Mathematics and Applied MathematicsBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Information and ComputingBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Optical-Electronics Information Science and EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Business ManagementBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
AccountingBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Financial ManagementBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
MarketingBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
International Economics and TradeBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
Information Management and Information SystemBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September
English LanguageBachelor4 yearsChinese18000September
Korean LanguageBachelor4 yearsChinese18000September
Chinese Language and LiteratureBachelor4 yearsChinese18000September
Civil EngineeringBachelor4 yearsChinese20000September

3. Master Programs

Naval Architecture and Ocean EngineeringMaster2 yearsEnglish34000September
Naval Architecture and Ocean EngineeringMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Mechatronic EngineeringMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Marine Science Master2 yearsChinese28000September
Chemical Engineering and TechnologyMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Vehicle EngineeringMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Power Engineering and Engineering ThermophysicsMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Electrical Engineering,Master2 yearsChinese28000September
Microelectronics and Solid-State ElectronicsMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Information and Communication EngineeringMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Control Science and EngineeringMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Instrument Science and TechnologyMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Computer Science and TechnologyMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Material ScienceMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Materials Processing EngineeringMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
PhysicsMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Computational MathematicsMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Applied MathematicsMaster2 yearsChinese28000September
Business ManagementMaster2 yearsChinese28000September


Registration Fee&Tuition

Registration Fee: 400rmb

Tuition: 28000rmb per academic year (teaching in Chinese)

34000rmb per academic year (teaching in English)

Accommodation Fee

Double room: 4500rmb/person/semester; 10000rmb/person/year

Triple room: 4900rmb/person/semester; 11000rmb/person/year