184   Master and 110 Doctor's Programs
(Asterisk "*" indicates both Master's  and Ph.D.  programs)

 Administration  Management
 Adult Education*
 Aerospace and Nautical  medicine
 Analytical Chemistry*
 Ancient Chinese  History*
 Ancient Chinese  Literature*
 Applied  Chemistry
 Applied Mathematics*
 Applied Psychology
 Arabic Language  and Literature*
 Archaeology and Museology*
 Art Theory*
 Artistic  Design*
 Asian-African Languages and Literatures*
 Atomic  and Molecular Physics*
 Basic Psychology*
 Biochemical  Engineering
 Biochemistry and Molecular  Biology*
 Cartography and Geography Information  System*
 Cell Biology*
 Chemical Engineering
 Chemical  Technology
 Chemistry and Physics of Polymers*
 Chinese and Foreign  Political Institution*
 Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature*
 Chinese  Marxism
 Chinese Philology*
 Chinese Philosophy*
 Circuits and  Systems
 Civil Law and Commercial Law (including Science of Labor Law and  Science of  Social Security Law)*
 Clinical Laboratory  Diagnostics
 Comparative Education*
 Comparative  Literature and World Literature*
 Computational Mathematics*
 Computer  Applied Technology
 Computer Software and Theory
 Computer Systems  Organization
 Condensed Matter Physics*
 Constitutional Law and  Administrative Law*
 Corporate Management (including Financial Management,  Marketing, and Human  Resources Management)
 Criminal  Jurisprudence*
 Curriculum and Teaching  Methodology*
 Dermatology and  Venereology
 Developing History of Marxism
 Developmental and Educational  Psychology
 Developmental Biology*
 Drama, Movie and TV  Literature
 Education of Ideology and Politics*
 Education  Technology*
 Educational Economy and Management
 Educational  Principle*
 Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
 Emergency  Medicine
 English Language and Literature*
 Epidemiology and Health  Statistics
 European Languages and Literatures*
 Fermentation  Engineering
 Fine Arts*
 Folklore (including Chinese Folk  Literature)
 Foreign Philosophies*
 Forensic Medicine
 French Language  and Literature*
 Fundamental Mathematics*
 Fundamental Principles of  Marxism*
 German Language and  Literature*
 Higher Education*
 Historical Geography*
 Historical  Theories and History of Historical Science*
 History of Economic
 History  of Economic Thought
 History of Education*
 History of Particular  Subjects*
 History of the Communist Party of China (including the Doctrine of  the Party  and Party Building)*"
 Human Anatomy, Histology and  Embryology
 Human Geography*
 Human Movement Science*
 Humane and  Sociological Science of Sports*
 Hydrology and Water  Resources
 Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
 Indian Languages  and Literature*
 Industrial Catalysis
 Industrial Economics
 Inorganic  Chemistry*
 Internal Medicine
 International law (including International  Public law, International Private  Law and International Economic  Law)*
 International Politics*
 International Relations*
 Japanese  Language and Literature*
 Land Resource  Management
 Legal History*
 Linguistics and Applied  Linguistics*
 Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign  Languages*
 Microelectronics and Solid State  Electronics
 Modern and Contemporary Chinese History*
 Modern and  Contemporary Chinese  Literature*
 Obstetrics  and Gynecology
 Oil and Water Conservation and Desertification  Combating
 Operational Research and Cybernetics*
 Ophthalmic  Specialty
 Organic Chemistry*
 Particle  Physics and Nuclear Physics*
 Pathogenic Organisms
 Pathology and  Pathophysiology
 Pharmaceutical  Analysis
 Philosophy of Marxism*
 Philosophy of Science  and Technology*
 Physical Chemistry (including Chemical  Physics)*
 Physical Electronics
 Physical  Geography*
 Plasma Physics*
 Political  Economy
 Political Theory*
 Population, Resources and Environmental  Economics
 Pre-school Education*
 Probability and Mathematical  Statistics*
 Psychiatry and Mental Health
 Radiation Medicine
 Radio  and Television Art*
 Radio Physics*
 Regional Economics
 Rehabilitation  Medicine and Physical Therapy
 Russian Language and Literature*
 Science  of Economic Law*
 Science of Environment and Natural Resources Protection  Law*
 Science of Ethnic Traditional Sports*
 Science of Military  Law*
 Science of Procedure Laws*
 Science of Religion*
 Scientific  Socialism and International Communist Movement*
 Social Medicine and Health  Management
 Social Security
 Spanish Language and  Literature*
 Special Education*
 Sports  Medicine
 Studies of Historical Literature (including  Paleography and Studies of  Dunhuang)*
 Studies of Marxism Abroad
 Study  of Basic Matter of Modern Chinese History
 Study of Chinese Classical  Text*
 Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
 Technology  Economy and Management
 Theater and Chinese Traditional  Opera*
 Theoretical Physics*
 Theory of Literature and Art*
 Theory of  Sports Pedagogy and Training*
 Tourist Management
 Vocational and  Technical Education*
 Western Economics
 World Economics
 World  History*


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