1.   Students should have good financial support to pay the costs during their studies at the university.
        Tuition fees: 
        Chinese language program:   RMB 12,000 Yuan/year
        Bachelor degree program:    RMB 17,000 Yuan/ year
        Master degree program:     RMB 22,000 Yuan/ year
        Ph.D. degree program:      RMB 33,000 Yuan/ year
        RMB 30 Yuan /room/day (including water, gas and electricity)
        Note: If there is any change about tuition and accommodations fees, students will be informed in advance by the School of International Education.
        2.   If students discontinue their schooling or are expelled from the university, their tuition fee for the term will not be refunded. If they resume their interrupted studies or register as a new student midway, they should pay full tuition fee for the term. The room fee is counted by day.
        3.   Students are expected to pay their tuition and room fee for one year at one time within one month after an academic year starts. If the students cannot pay fees on time, they may request for a delay no more than two months. However, they will have to pay 5% extra for the delay. 
        4.   Those who do not pay their fees within one term will be expelled from the university.
        V. Health Insurance  
Students have to undertake health insurance and go to the School of International Education to go through the procedures for their health insurance within two weeks after an academic year starts. 
        Insurance fee: RMB 600 Yuan/ year 


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