1.Non-degree Program

  Chinese Language Program (short term, long term, per-degree)

  Preparatory Program

2.Degree Program


 Chinese Meduim

   Engineering Mechanics, Aircraft Design and Engineering, Aircraft Environment and Life Security Engineering, Space Science and Technology, Composite Materials and Engineering, Electronics Science and Technology, Photoelectric Information Technology and Engineering (Optical Engineering), Electronics Information Science and Technology, Detection Guidance and Control Technology, Automation

Communication Engineering, Electromagnetic Field and Wireless Technology, Electronic Information Engineering, Information Countermeasure Technology, Remote Sensing Science and Technology

English Meduim

   Civil Engineering:
   Compulsory courses(See NOTES)
   Basic courses: Introduction to Civil Engineering, Theoretical Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Structural Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Elasticity Theory, Civil Engineering Materials, Engineering Geology, Land Surveying.
   Specialized courses: Loads and Structural Design Methods, Theory for Concrete Structures, Design for Concrete and Masonry Structures, Theory and Design of Steel Structures, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Design of Tall Building Structures, Seismic Design of Buildings, etc.

  Chemical Engineering and Technology:
   Compulsory courses(See NOTES)
   Basic courses: Chemical Transfer and Unit Operation, Chemical Separate Engineering, etc.
   Specialized courses:
   For Polymer Materials and Engineering: Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Functional Polymer Materials, etc. For Chemical Engineering and Technology: Principles of Electrochemistry, Electrochemical Measurement, etc.

  Notice: Compulsory courses: Mathematical Analysis for Science and Technology Majors, Linear Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Descriptive Geometry and Cartography, College Chemistry, College Physics, MATLAB Programming Language, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics.


Chinese Medium

Control Science and Engineering
Aeronautical And Astronautical Science And Technology
Optical Engineering
Electronics Science And Technology

English Medium

0805 Materials Science and Engineering

S0802 Mechanical Engineering

0807 Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo-Physics


0804 Instrument Science and Technology

0807 Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics

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