Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs(Taught in Chinese)

Ⅱ.Tuition and Other Costs

1. Tuition;? 18000RMB/year for normal majors ? 22000RMB/year for Art major ? 24000RMB/year for Top-up English-taught majors (availability of the program depends on the number of application received) 2. Other Costs; Entry fee: 800 RMB/year Insurance fee: 600RMB/year Textbook fee: about 500RMB/year Dormitory fee: 50RMB/day/person for double room including electricity, water and network 80RMB/day/person for single room including electricity, water and network (The dormitory fee is for reference only.)

Ⅲ.Eligibility & Application

1. Eligibility Requirements (1) Citizenship Students applying for the undergraduate programs must be non-Chinese citizens. (2) Age and Education Background Applicants should obtain a high school degree or above and be no more than 25 years old; (3) Language Proficiency Generally, applicants should achieve a Chinese level of HSK4 or above and meet the language requirement of the faculty they apply to join. Those who don’t may apply for our language program first and they will be granted entrance qualifications for degree program after they meet the required language proficiency. 2. Application Requirements Students can log onto the admission website and apply online. The following materials need to be sent to zhangruyi1028@163.com (1) Application Form (enclosed) Please provide complete and clear information in English or Chinese on the application form. If you want to live on campus, please carefully indicate the room type on the application form SBS will arrange the room based on your application time and vacancy situation. Adjustment will be made if necessary. (2) Copy of Passport Copy of the valid passport page(s) with your passport-sized photo, name, date of birth, expiration date, passport number Valid visa copy should be provided if you are in China already. (3) High school Graduation Certificate (4) High school Academic Transcript (5) Certificate of HSK 4 or above (6) Recommendation Letter (7) Financial Support Document Note: 1) Documents in other languages must be notarized and translated in Chinese or English. 2) Applicants under 18 years old should provide a Guardian's Letter of Guarantee (enclosed). 

2+2 Top-Up Program (taught in English)


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