Application Requirements

I. Application:

         Applicants must be over 16 years old, in good health and have graduated from secondary high school.

II. Documents required:

         1. Application form with photo. 
         2. Secondary school report. 
         3. Health check. 
         4. Copy of passport.

III. Procedures:

         1. Applicants for March term of next year should offer these materials before January 15; Applicants for September term should offer these materials before July 15. 
         2. Upon receiving these materials, the International Exchange Section will process the application. Successful applicants will be given an Acceptance Letter and Visa Application Form (Form JW202). 
         3. With these two documents, the applicants can then apply for a Chinese visa in a Chinese Embassy or Consulate. 
         4. Successful applicants are required to register for the chosen program before the registration deadline written in the Acceptance Letter, failing which the applicants will be deemed to quit their application.

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