1. Non-degree Programs

Program Name

Chinese Language Courses

Optional Courses

Elementary Chinese

Basic Chinese (comprehensive reading,  listening and oral Chinese), Pronunciation, Chinese Character, Introduction  to China

China Tour Culture, Introduction to Famous Figures in  Modern China, Art of War in Ancient China, Comparison of Chinese & Western  Food, Cultural Introduction to Zhejiang, Chinese Poetry, Chinese Tradition,  Social Etiquette, West Lake Culture, Calligraphy, Photography, Table Tennis,  Badminton, Kongfu, Taekwondo, Swim.

Intermediate Chinese

Intermediate Chinese (comprehensive  reading, listening and oral Chinese), Writing, Introduction to China, HSK  seminar

Advanced Chinese

Advanced Chinese (comprehensive reading,  listening and oral Chinese), Writing, Ancient Chinese, Introduction to China,  HSK seminar

Short-term Language Training

Reading, Listening and Oral Chinese,  Chinese Culture Lectures

Advanced Study

Any courses from both undergraduate or graduate  programs, with no degree

2. Degree Programs

Program Name

Detail Information

Degree  programs (Taught in Chinese)

Totally nearly 50 bachelor degree  programs and over 50 master degree programs are open to international  students. Please refer to the introduction to the University on our website.

Degree Programs (Taught in English)

At present, the SIE has set up four  programs taught in English:

Bachelor/Master of Economics Concentrates  in International Trade  

Bachelor/Master of Economics Concentrates  in Finance

Bachelor of Business Administration  Concentrating in Accounting

Bachelor of Business Administration  Concentrating in Professional Sales;


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