ZUFE Scholarships for International Students (Monetary unit:RMB/Yuan)



Eligibility  Criteria



Scholarship for Distinguished Freshmen

Applicants for Chinese-taught programs  shall have a certificate of HSK 6 or above. Applicants for English-taught  programs shall score 6.5 or above in IELTS, or 80 in TOEFL.

According to the qualification of  applicants.

The winner  be exempted from 30% to  100% of one-year’s tuition fee.

Scholarship for Distinguished Degree  Students

Applicants shall obtain at least 20  credits in the past academic year, with no failure of all courses in their  class.

Applicants shall obey the laws and rules  of the university and China.

Applicants’ qualification will be  evaluated through certain evaluation system by school academic committee.

According to the qualification of  applicants

Provincial  Scholarship(Class B): RMB 20,000 Yuan ;

Other  winner be exempted from 30% to 100% of one-year’s tuition fee.

Scholarship for Distinguished Chinese  Language Learners

Applicants’ average grades must rank top  in their class, with a class absence of less than 20 classes within one  semester.

In a certain proportion to the total of  degree students.

Provincial Scholarship(Class C): 6000 ;

First Prize,1000; Second Prize, 700;  Third Prize, 500.

HSK  Winner Scholarship

Applicants should pass the HSK tests  successfully.

According to applicants’ achievements in  HSK tests.

From 300 to 1000.

Individual  Scholarships

Winners shall have good performance in  their study, artistic or athletic fields and social welfare.

According to the performance of  applicants.

From 300 to 500.


Ethic  Scholarship

Candidates for this scholarship are  recommended and determined by teachers based on their evaluation of student’s  overall performance.

Two students in each semester.

From 300 to 1000.

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