Dating back to 1902 when Sanjiang Normal  School was established, Nanjing Tech  University (Nanjing Tech) enjoys a history of more than 100 years as a cradle of education. It is one of the first batch of “2011 Plan” universities and Jiangsu High-level university to build national hundred provincial universities. It has 5 national scientific research institutions, including State Key Laboratory of Material-Oriented Chemical Engineering, International Research Center of Flexible Electronics, National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology, Membrane Science and Technology Research Center, and National Heat Pipe Technology Research  Center. Nanjing Tech is the Key Construction Universities in Jiangsu, the Comprehensive Reform Pilot University in Jiangsu, the Talent Pilot University in Jiangsu, the first batch of Outstanding Engineers Training Program by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Nanjing Tech has 11 Faculties, 28 Colleges and over 30,000 students including international students, undergraduates, and master's degree and PhD candidates. Chemical Engineering and Technology obtained A Class (former 2%~5% in China); Materials Science and Engineering, Safety Science and Engineering obtained B+ Class (former 10%~20% in China); Chemical Engineering and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering ranked first in Jiangsu province in the fourth round of subject assessment held by Chinese Ministry of Education. Nanjing Tech ranked 62nd in 2018 ESI Global rankings in mainland China, with 4 disciplines in Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering, Biology and Biochemistry entering the top 1% of ESI worldwide; and in 2018 Times Higher Education World University Ranking, Nanjing Tech ranked 26th in mainland China; in 2018 Natural Index, Nanjing Tech ranked 31st in mainland China; in August 2018, Nanjing Tech got into the top 500 research universities worldwide in the ARWU, ranked 401-500 worldwide and 36-51 in mainland China. 15 majors entered the first square of global engineering education through the Washington Agreement Engineering Education Professional Certification and the Ministry of Housing and Construction Professional Evaluation, including Safety Engineering, Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering, Composites Engineering, Polymer Materials and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Process Equipment and Control Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Bioengineering, Surveying and Mapping Engineering, Water Supply and drainage Science and Engineering, Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Urban and Rural Planning, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Engineering Management.

Nanjing Tech is implementing globalization strategy and cultivating talents with global vision through various kinds of international cultivation, cooperation with over 70 foreign universities and high-level research institutions. It set up "International Joint Research Center" with the Imperial College, London, the Moscow State University of Russia, the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore and other world-renowned universities; the "Flexible Electronic Innovation Induction Base" Project was selected as the national "Higher Education Subject Innovation Induction program"; It is the "Confucius Institute Scholarship" receiving institutions fund by Confucius Institute Headquarters/National Hanban Office; Two Confucius Institutes were established with the University of Johannesburg in South Africa and the University of Zaragoza in Spain; Nanjing Tech also carried out student exchange programs with well-known universities of the United States, UK, Australia and Singapore.

Situated in China National New Zone- Jiangbei New Area, at the foot of Laoshan Mountain, a national forest park, Nanjing Tech is regarded as the most beautiful university in Nanjing. It has a new campus featuring “ecological, landscape-style and digital” and covers a total area of 3800 mu (or 253 hectares). It also has all kinds of facilities available, including students’ dormitory, sports stadium, indoor swimming pool, library, and a softball field of international standard. With such beautiful scenery, Nanjing Tech is a perfect place for students to learn knowledge and develop themselves.

Nanjing Tech was evaluated as “Target Universities in Jiangsu for International Students” and approved to be the first "China-US  Youth Creator  Exchange Center" by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2017. Nanjing Tech provides 13 bachelor programs in Chinese medium and 7 bachelor programs in English medium, 27 postgraduate programs and 34 doctoral programs, including engineering, science, arts, economics& management and law subject areas. Currently Nanjing Tech have more than 300 international students coming from 36 countries, including UK, Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Korea, etc.

There are many students activities held on campus, such as “Overseas Culture Festival” “Chinese and Foreign Foods Festival” and “Welcome Party for new students”, which provides a great stage for international students to show their talents and promotes culture exchanges among countries.

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No. 30,South Puzhu Road, Pukou District,Nanjing, P. R. China, 211800