Application Instruction for  “Belt and Road Initiative” Scholarship

In response to the national Belt and RoadInitiative, and in order to promote cooperation and exchange between CCSU (Changsha University) and countries along the Belt and Road, we hereby set up the Belt and Road Initiative scholarship to sponsor international students who are interested in full-time Chinese language study in CCSU.

1.Scholarship Coverage

The scholarship will cover tuition fee, accommodation fee, fee for basic teaching materials and comprehensive insurance for one academic year. (living expenses not covered)

2.Application Deadline

December 10, 2018

3.Students Who Apply

Citizens of countries along the Belt and Road who:

① are aged 18 or above;

② have no record of bad behavior;

③ are healthy both psychologically and physically.

4. Application Materials

①Personal resume (in both Chinese and English);

②Letter of motivation (in English);

③Scanned copy of non-criminal record issued by police station, security authority or court in your country of origin or habitual residence;

④Scanned copy of notarized diploma or certificate of expected graduation of the highest degree attained in Chinese or English;

④ Scanned copies of notarized transcripts in Chinese or English;

⑥Application form for international students in CCSU (see attached);

⑦Photocopy of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (see attached). The form needs to be filled in English, and the applicant keeps the original copy for future visa application. The health examination must cover all the items listed in the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner. Incomplete records or those, signature of attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. The health examination results will be valid for 6 months. All applicants are kindly requested to take this into consideration as they plan to take the examination.

⑧Photocopy of passport;

5. Note

①The scholarship only applies to new students, but not international students who are already studying in China;

②Given the limited seats, the scholarship winners will be chosen on the principle of “comprehensive review and merit-based enrolment”;

③Throughout the academic year (winter and summer vacations excluded), the students who leave China for over 15 days for any personal reason will not enjoy the scholarship during the leave. Scholarships of those who suspend schooling, quit school or receive disciplinary action, will be stopped from the day they suspend schooling, quit school or receive the notice of disciplinary action.

6. Disclaimer

①Incomplete application materials or those not in line with the application requirements will not be accepted;

②Applicants who submit false materials, or if the materials are found not to be filled or submitted by the applicants themselves, will be disqualified;

③Applicants who, for some reason, cannot register in school, should inform the school 15 days before the registration dayin writing and specify the reason. Scholarships of applicants who fail to register without any reason will be cancelled;

④Scholarships will be cancelled for those who cannot pass the health examination in China, suspend schooling or drop out from school.


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