Qualification of Applicants

1. The qualified applicant in principle should be over 18 and under 60 years old with good physical and mental health and qualified school performance.



Educational Background

Degree programs


Under 35

Senior high school diploma


Under 40

Bachelor’s degree


Under 45

Master’s degree or academic level   equivalent

Non-degree programs

Chinese language

Under 60

Senior middle school diploma or   above

General visiting students

Under 40

at least one year of undergraduate   study at their own university

Senior visiting students

Under 45

Master's degree or above;   supervised by a host-professor to conduct research on a specific subject

Research scholars

Under 55

Doctoral degree or Associate Professor   or higher; collaborate with host-professors to conduct specific research.


Under 60

Senior high school diploma or above

2 Requirement of language proficiency:

a) For programs offered in Chinese: applicants for the programs of humanities, social sciences, art, management, journalism and law should pass Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band 5 or above, and those for science and engineering programs should pass Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band 4 or above.

b) For programs offered in English: Applicants should pass TOEFL 80 or IFLTS 6.5.

c) For Doctoral Program applicants: if the English proficiency is sufficient, the Chinese language requirement could be adjusted for some majors.

d) General Visiting Students are allowed to take specialty courses when they pass Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band 5 and above, otherwise they are advised to study Chinese in the Chinese Language Training Center for one or two semesters.

e) Senior Visiting Students and Research Scholars are not required to take the Chinese language proficiency exam, on the premise that the candidate experiences no obstacles in communicating with their supervisor.

f) Applicants of Chinese-taught programs without adequate Chinese language proficiency must take Chinese language training courses in the Chinese Language Training Center at SAU for one to two years to reach the language requirements before major studies.


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