School/CollegeBachelor's ( 4 years )Master's ( 3 years )Doctoral ( 3 years)
School of Energy  & Power EngineeringThermal Energy & Power EngineeringFluid MechanicsEngineering ThermoPhysics
Process Equipment And Control EngineeringEngineering Thermo PhysicsThermal Power Engineering
Renewable Energy/New Energy Science And EngineeringThermal Power EngineeringPower Machinery And Engineering
Fluid Machinery And EngineeringFluid Machinery And Engineering
Refrigeration And Cryogenic EngineeringRefrigeration And Cryogenic Engineering
Power Machinery And EngineeringNew Energy Science and Technology
Chemical Process EquipmentChemical Process Equipment
New Energy Science and Technology
School of Optical-Electrical and Computer EngineeringMeasuring And Control Technology And InstrumentationOptical EngineeringOptical Engineering
AutomationPrecision Instrument And MachineryControl Science and Engineering
Electrical Engineering And AutomationElectrical Engineering
Electronic Information EngineeringControl Science and Control Engineering
Communications EngineeringSignal And Information Processing
Optical Information EngineeringDetection Technology And Automatic Equipment
Electronic Science And TechnologyComputer Science and Technology
Computer Science And TechnologySoftware Engineering
Network Engineering
Business SchoolBusiness Administration (Sino-Usa)National EconomicsSystem Analysis And Integration
International Trade And EconomyRegional EconomicsManagement Science And Engineering
FinancePublic Finance
Information Management And Information SystemFinance
Industrial EngineeringIndustrial Economics
Management ScienceInternational Trade
AccountingLabor Economics
Traffic EngineeringQuantitative Economics
Public Administration Systems Theory
System Analysis And Integration
Systems Engineering
Traffic Engineering
Management Science And Engineering
Enterprise Management
Technology Economy And Management
Public Management
School of Mechanical EngineeringMachanical Design, Manufacture & AutomationMechanical Manufacture And AutomationMechanical Engineering
Automotive EngineeringMechatronic Engineering
Mechanical Design And Theory
Vehicle Engineering
School of Foreign LanguagesEnglishEnglish Language And Literature
GermanForeign Linguistics And Applied Linguistics
School of Environment and ArchitectureEnvironmental EngineeringGeotechnical EngineeringEnergy And Environmental Engineering
Building Environment and Energy EngineeringStructural Engineering
Civil Engineering Municipal Engineering
Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning And Gas Supply Engineering
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering
Bridge and Tunnel Engineering 
Environmental Science
Environmental Engineering
College of Communication and Art DesignEditing And PublishingJournalism and Communication
CommunicationDigital publishing and dissemination
AdvertisingArtistic Dissemination
AnimationPrinting Optical Engineering
Industrial Design
Environmental Design
Packing Engineering
Visual Communication Design
Product Design
New Media Technology
School of Medical Instrument and Food EngineeringBiomedical EngineeringBiomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering
Pharmaceutical EngineeringFood Science and Engineering
Medical Imaging Science
Food Quality And Safety
Medical Information Engineering
Food Science and  Engineering
Prosthetic Orthopaedic Engineering
College of ScienceApplied PhysicsFundamental MathematicsOptoelectronic physics and devices
Mathematics And Applied MathematicsProbability and Mathematical Statistics
Applied ChemistryApplied Mathematics
Operational Research and Cybernetics 
Theoretical Physcis
Condensed Matter Physics
Green Chemistry Process and Comprehensive Utilization
School of Materials Science and EngineeringMaterial Science And EngineeringMechanical and Electrical Functional Materials
Material Formation And Control EngineeringNew Energy Materials
School of MarxismBasic Principle of Marxism
Ideological and Political Education


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