Degree Programs

Degree Programs

In general, undergraduate students ought to complete all the required credit hours within 6 years of admission (for sculpture and architecture majors, the maximum study length is 7 years). Master's degree students can remain in the program for 5 years. PhD candidates can remain in the program for 6 years.(Except for the students who study Chinese for one year).


Degree programs

Application Time: from March 1st till June 20th.

For details, please refer to the annual admission brochures of Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degree program.

Time of Enrollment: every September


Degree program in English: International Master of Fine Arts Program in Contemporary Art

The International MFA program at China Academy of Art has been developed in response to the rapidly increasing globalization of the art world. The mission of International MFA program (IMFA) at China Academy of Art (CAA) is to introduce the world’s most promising young artists to a new world of contemporary art – an art world in which the creative and expressive practices from around the world join together to create art that is as vital and innovative as the contemporary world itself. Faculty and students from Asia, Europe, the Mid-East, Africa, Oceania and the Americas provide a new vision to join in this bold new program.


The IMFA curriculum explores the newly emerging paradigms of relationality, multi-culturalism, social practice and extended media that have defined the world’s most exciting contemporary art for the past quarter of a century. It also considers the traditional creative practices of a variety of cultural traditions specifically in studio art, public art, and contemporary arts theory.



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