A Brief Introduction to Yichun University

   Yichun University(YU for short)is a comprehensive university whose predecessor was established in 1958. It is located in Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, PRC. With the approval of Ministry of Education of China.

   At present, YU has 19 schools, 6 institutes, more than 70 undergraduate programs and 2 affiliated hospitals. It also has two Special Majors at national level, eight Special Majors at provincial level, one major which was included as part of the project titled "Educating and Cultivating Excellent Doctors " initiated by Ministry of Education, three majors which belong to the provincial-level project named "Cultivation of Outstanding Talents" and "Comprehensive Reform Trial Site".

   The motto of YU is “educating through love”. And the aim of instruction of YU is to cultivate the high quality, creative, applied and compound graduates.

   The campus is located in the west of Jiangxi Province. Yichun city is among the first corps of national experimental ecological cities, and has acquired a series of national honours:

    National Designated Garden City, National Model City for Greening, China Excellent Tourist City and National Health City. YU enjoys picturesque sceneries, convenient communication, ample facilities and profound cultural traditions as well as fairly advanced teaching conditions. Meanwhile, students can enjoy the convenient transportation facilities with Zhe-Gan Railway (from Zhejiang to Jiangxi) and the Mingyue Mountain airport.


Why Yichun University

    Yichun University has been enrolling international students since 2006. All the students have received systematic training and by their hard work most of them have earned Bachelor’s Degree. A large number of students of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery program (MBBS) have passed the examination of Practitioner qualification certificate in their own countries. YU has abundant teaching resources and quality teaching and scientific research strength which guarantee that the students can receive the best theoretical and practical knowledge. On this beautiful campus you can also feel the great learning atmosphere from every corner of the campus.

   YU provides international students with excellent accommodation and facilities to ensure that they have the best studying condition. All the international students are not only qualified to apply Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship, but also have the opportunity to apply the special scholarship offered by YU.


576, Xuefu road, Yuanzhou District of Yichun City Jiangxi Province, China