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Chinese Language Students  (Short Term)

Application  Qualification: There is no restriction on the applicant's Chinese language  skill, age; and the applicants should be in good condition.

About Teaching: Objectforeigners, overseas  Chinese who are not Chinese-native speakers and interested in Chinese language  and Chinese culture. Goalto learn Chinese  language and Chinese  culture; improve the communication ability in Chinese and  promote the understanding between different culture. Timeto learn at any time  for 3-6 weeks and 22 hours’ school learning each week. The length of schooling  can also be negotiated according to specific conditions. Contentaccording to the  students’ Chinese language level and their specific requirements, there are  primary, secondary and advanced courses. The main courses include: Integrated  Chinese, Chinese Listening, Spoken- Chinese, Chinese Reading, Chinese Culture  and HSK Strengthen Course. Principlefocus on the  intercommunication, practice, pertinence and interests in the teaching  course. Methodthe courses are  combined with field visit, investigation, and sightseeing.   Chinese Language Students  (Long Term)

Application  Qualification: The applicant should have the academic credentials analogous  to those of Chinese senior middle school, and 18-60 years old.  There is no  restriction on the applicant's Chinese   language skill .

  About  Teaching: Objectforeigners, overseas  Chinese who are not Chinese-native speakers and Chinese people from Hong Kong,  Macao and Taiwan who want to improve their mandarin level. Goalto improve the Chinese  language level and communicating ability in Chinese; to learn more about Chinese  history, culture and China today. Time: to study more than one  term and less than 3 school years; enrollment in March and September each year;  18 weeks each term; 20 hours’ school learning each week; 4 hours each day (From  Monday to Friday).

ContentThere are primary,  secondary and advanced courses for different students.  
Main  courses: Integrated Chinese, Spoken- Chinese, Listening, Reading, Writing,  HSK Training course, Chinese Culture and Music, Taiji Boxing and Video  Class.

Principle: focus on the practice  in the teaching course with diversified and flexible teaching  methods. Method2-10 students each  class; organizing sightseeing to the historic spots and interest  places; organizing various colorful cultural and sports activities attended by  both foreigners and Chinese students concerning language learning; according to  students’ wishes, overseas students can live with Chinese families.   Notice: After a period of  learning, students can take the exam of HSK. Those who pass the exam can be  recommended to read for a degree in the school in favor.

Degree Students  Application  Qualification

: 18-50 years old. For Undergraduates, Those who have obtained  Grade C of primary Certificate of Chinese Language Skills (HSK) can directly  apply for undergraduate study  and  the applicant should have the academic  credentials analogous to those of Chinese senior middle school. For  Postgraduates, the applicant should obtain Grade F of primary Certificate  of  Chinese  Language  Skills (HSK)  and should have bachelor’s degree;  and the  applicant should be recommended by  2 people  with the  title of associate  professor  at least. The applicant can first study Chinese in the school, after  passing the HSK, the applicant can become the degree students.   About  Teaching: Goalto cultivate  well-developed persons with comprehensive qualification and ability, who are  needed in the modern world. Time: enrollment in September  each year. Length of schooling: 4 years for undergraduates; 2-3 years for  postgraduates.

Subjects and  MajorsThe university is a provincial whole with the seven disciplines  of engineering, sciences, arts, economics, management, law and medicine. At  present, the university has 18 colleges, 63 specialties for undergraduates and  93 disciplines with the right to award MA. 

MethodThe overseas students have class with the Chinese students, and  the diploma can be awarded after finishing the schemed course, gaining the  needed credit hours and passing the thesis oral defense.  The degree can  be awarded after the permission of the school Degree Committee in accordance  with The Degree Statute of The People’s Republic of China.    


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