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Question: If I get employed at a company when I am still a student, is it possible to get a work visa?

Answer: It is illegal to work without working papers or residence permits for employment and could result in a fine of 5,000-20,000RMB. All international students, aside from language students, are allowed to take part in internships related to their major. Companies are allowed to provide compensation for transportation and meals but no working salary.

There are two ways to get an internship:

1. International Students Office-Ask the ISO for recommended internships or go companies that collaborate with your college.

2. By yourself – You can find an internship off campus on your own as long as you have permission from the International Students Office. In order to gain permission, you need an application letter from your teacher before you go to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau. After completing this process, you can start working (Please look for our other article for more details on internship permission procedure)


Question: Is it possible to find a job with a visitor’s visa or any other kind of visa?

Answer: In China, you should only use certificates of employment. If caught using other documents, you will face a fine of 5,000-20,000 RMB and will have to leave the country. 


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