Schools and Colleges

International School

School of Philosophy and Social Development
School of Economics and Finance

School of Law

College of International Relations/College of New Overseas Chinese

School of Marxism/School of General Education

College of Physical Education

College of Humanities

Chinese Language and Culture College

College of Foreign Languages

School of Journalism and Communication

School of Mathematical Sciences

School of Statistics

College of Mechanical and Engineering Automation

College of Materials Science and Engineering

College of Information Science and Engineering

College of Computer Science and technology

College of Civil Engineering

College of Chemical Engineering

School of Architecture

College of Engineering

School of Biomedical Sciences

Business School

School of Political Science and Public Administration

College of Tourism

College of Music and Dance

School of Arts

College of Xiamen Air/ College of Pan-Chinese

Chinese Institute in U.S owned by HQU

Nanyang College owned by HQU

College of Continuing Studies

College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


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