1. Non-degree Programs

    Chinese Language 

       A. Long-term program     

                  Types                                       Elementary level or Intermediate level or Advanced level

                  Courses arrangement         Chinese,Spoken Chinese, Listening Chinese, Reading Comprehension, Business Chinese, Chinese Character,Calligraphy,

                                                                    Drawing,Taiji Quan, Chinese songs, Paper-cut, Cooking, Tes arts and Mahjong       


                  Tuition & Duration                 14000/1yr

     B. Short-term program   


                     Types                                    Elementary level or Intermediate level or Advanced level
                     Courses arrangement      Spoken Chinese, Writing, Lectures of Chinese Culture, Calligraphy, Drawing, Taiji Quan, Chinese songs, 
                                                                    Paper-cut, Cooking, Tes arts and Mahjong

                     Tuition & Duration              RMB2500/1m (Elementary level)  RMB4500/2ms(Intermediate level) RMB6500/3ms(Advanced level)

     C. Summer program        


                      Courses arrangement     We can make adjustment to the study duration, tuition and courses according to your requirements

                      Tuition & Duration             RMB1000/1w

       Chinese Language Programes all include Language practice:

                      Sightseeing: Tours to famous scennic spots in and around Xi’an City.(Including theHistory Museum, Terracotta, Huaqing Pool, 
                      the big goose pagoda, Beilin, City wall, Montain Huashan ect.)

                      Field trips are organized for language students to places in Shaanxi, Beijing, Guangxi, and Henan in Spring and Autumn.

2. Degree Programs 

      Balchelor degree(English Medium)     

              Aeronautical Engineering
              Astronautics Engineering
              Ocean Engineering
              Mechanical Engineering
              Electronics & InformationEngineering
              Electrical Engineering
              Civil Engineering
              Business Administration
              Computer Science & Technology



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