About Guangzhou University

Guangzhou University is a comprehensive university named after the third largest city in China. In 2000, five universities merged into the present-day Guangzhou University. The university boasts a history of ninety years and is a high-level university being developed under the support of the government of both the Guangdong Province and the Guangzhou City.      

Guangzhou University has 27 schools and enjoys a comprehensive variety of disciplines including philosophy, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, economics, administration and arts. These 27 schools enroll approximately 34,000 undergraduate and graduate students and employ almost 2,000 highly recognized and skilled faculty.      

The university enjoys its own art and performance team which includes the Guangzhou Ballet Troupe and the Guangzhou Singing and Dancing Troupe. The university also has a large number of students' organizations and cultural projects which are enjoyed by the students and community.

 Guangzhou University has two campuses which include the University Town campus and the Gui Huagang campus in downtown. Both campuses offer rich teaching resources and high-tech research equipment. The university has undertaken numerous key projects and established a number of research platforms including the Earthquake Engineering Research & Test Center, Cyberspace Advanced Technology Research Institute, Computing Technology Research Institute, Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, Dawan District Environmental Research Institute, Guangzhou Development Research Institute, Guangzhou International Finance Research Institute and Human Rights Research Institute.        

Guangzhou University has established exchange and cooperative relationship with more than 200 universities and institutions from 33 countries and regions all around the world. In addition to its internationalization, the university continues to integrate its development with building Guangzhou into a national hub city while making great strides in its capacity to serve economic development and win numerous awards.


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