English-taught Postgraduate Programs

2019 Fudan University English-taught Postgraduate Programs

No.School/DepartmentMajorDegreeResearch Area/ ProgramAnnual Tuition FeeDuration
1Department of Chinese Language and LiteratureChinese Philology MasterChinese Language and Culture500002 years
2Department of History Chinese HistoryChinese History and Culture500002 years
3School of PhilosophyChinese Philosophy Chinese Philosophy and Culture500002 years
4 Religious StudiesChinese Religious Studies500002 years
5School of Social Development and Public PolicySociologyChinese Society and Public Policy500002 years
6SociologyChinese Society  (Lund University)500002 years
7School of International Relations and Public AffairsInternational PoliticsChinese Politics and Diplomacy500002 years
8Public PolicyInternational Public Policy700002 years
9International PoliticsEurope and Asia in Global Affairs (Sciences Po)800002 years
10Institute for Global Public PolicyPublic PolicyLSE Fudan Double Degree in the Global Political Economy of China and EuropeTo be announced2 years
11School of EconomicsWorld EconomyGlobalization and Chinese Economy800002 years
12Finance800002 years
13School of Management(Professional Degree)  FinanceFinancial Management168000/2 years2 years
Financial Engineering Management168000/2 years2 years
14(Professional Degree) Business Administration Fudan IMBA Program269800/2 years2 years
15(Professional Degree)  International BusinessDDIM (University Commerciale Luigi Bocconi and LUISS Guido Carli)2.5 years
GMiM (London Business School)100000/2 years2 years
16(Professional Degree) Business Administration S3 Asia MBA  (Korea University and National University of Singapore)299800/2 years2 years
17Software School(Professional Degree) Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering80000/2.5 years2.5 years
Cryptography and Information Security
E - commerce and E - government
Network Multimedia
System Software
18(Professional Degree) Software EngineeringJoint Degree Programme with University College Dublin  80000/2.5 years2.5 years
19School of Nursing(Professional Degree) NursingHealth Informatics0 (only for Turku Univeristy student)2 years
20Law SchoolCivil and Commercial Law Chinese Business Law (LL.M. Program)16000/2 years2 years
21Fanhai International School of FinanceMaster of FinanceSecurities and Derivatives Investment1240002 years
Corporate Finance
Venture Capital and Private Equity
 Fund management
Financial Technology
Investment Banking
22School of JournalismCommunicationGlobal Media and Communications
(Double-degree program with London School of Economics and Political Science)
800002 years
Communication and Media
(Double-degree program with Sciences Po)
800002 years
23School of Information Science and Technology(Professional Degree)  Electronics and Communication EngineerEmbedded Electronics (Double-degree program with University of Turku)39000 RMB in FDU and 4000€in the University of Turku2.5 years
24Department of Environmental Science and EngineeringEnvironmental SciencePh.DGlobal Change600003 years
Environmental Chemistry
Atmospheric Environment
Atmospheric Environment
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Global Change
Environmental Chemistry
Atmospheric Environment
Atmospheric Environment
Environmental Ecology
Urban Ecology
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Health
Environmental Chemistry
Atmospheric Environment
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Ecology
Atmospheric Environment
Atmospheric Environment
Atmospheric Environment
25Environmental  EngineeringWater Pollution Control
Water Pollution Control
Biomass Energy
Atmospheric Pollution Control
Water Pollution Control
Atmospheric Pollution Control
Biomass Energy
Water Pollution Control
Basin Pollution Control
26Environmental  ManagementEnvironmental Management
Arban Planning
Climate Change
Environmental Values
27Department of Physics Theoretical Physics370003 years
28Condensed Matter Physics
30School of International Relations and Public AffairsInternational PoliticsInternational Politics600003 years
31School of Information Science and TechnologyOpticsPh.DLight and matter interaction and ultrafast processes370003 years
 Photonics Fundamentals and Device Physics
Condensed-Matter Optics and Magneto-optical Properties
Optoelectronic functional materials, properties and devices
Spintronics Materials and Their Ultrafast Optical Detection
Low-dimensional magnetic structure magnetic and nano magnetic storage
Advanced Laser Technology and Applications
Optical and Spectroscopic Properties of Materials
Materials and Devices for Micro Photonics
Plasma Physics and Applications
Optical and electrical properties of materials and their applications
Advanced optical manufacturing and inspection
32Optical EngineeringHigh-power fiber and solid-state laser technology
Nonlinear optics and laser applications
Ultrashort laser pulse laser technology
New laser technology and devices
Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Detection Simulation Technology
Solid Spectroscopy Technology
Intelligent optical manufacturing and detection
Silicon based illumination
All Solar Spectrum Solar Cells
Condensed-Matter Optics and Magneto-optical Properties
Information Function Materials and Properties
Biomedical Optoelectronics
Advanced thermal imaging technology
 Robot Optical Intelligent Manufacturing and Intelligent Vision
Fiber Optics
Novel Fiber Optic Devices and Technology
33Physical ElectronicsPlasma Technology and Applications
Solid lighting technology and application
Photoelectric materials and devices and system integration
Power Electronics and Simulation
Vision and Ergonomics
Photoelectric medical and health
34Circuit and SystemImage and Intelligent Information Processing
Digital Systems Theory and Technology
Medical Information Technology and Systems
Signal processing and its application
Theory of Network Science and Network Intelligent Technology
Control Theory and Application 
Artificial Neural Networks and Their Applications
Micro-electronics and Solid Electronics
Intelligent micro-nano system design and integration
Micro-nanoelectronic devices and systems
Nanostructure and system processing and manufacturing
36Electromagnetic Field and Microwave TechnologyElectromagnetic Field and Electromagnetic Wave
Theory and Technology of Spatial Remote Sensing Information
Radio Wave Propagation in Communication
Computational Electromagnetics
Scattering, Inverse Scattering and Image Processing
Microwave and Antenna
Theory and Application of Optical Wave Propagation
Optical Measurement
Optical Communication
Optoelectronic Devices
Communications Networking and Signal Processing
Radar Imaging and Intelligent Information Acquisition
37Biomedical EngineeringMedical Ultrasound Engineering
Medical Signal Processing
Medical Detection Systems (including Cardiac Electrophysiology)
Sensing System and Intelligent Medical Treatment


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