About Liaocheng University

    Liaocheng University (LCU), a provincial comprehensive university located in  Liaocheng City, was founded in 1974 as Shandong Teachers’ College, Liaocheng  Branch. In 1981, with the approval of the State Council, the Liaocheng Branch  was renamed as Liaocheng Teachers’ College, and in 2002, approved by the  Ministry of Education, it adopted its present name. Liaocheng City is a national  historical and cultural city known as the “Water City North of the Yangtze  River”.
LCU has been authorized to issue master’s and bachelor’s degrees and  to provide training courses for people with equivalent education record to apply  for master’s degree or for the specialty training.
     LCU now has 25  colleges, 88 undergraduate degree programs,  93 master degree programs and 5  professional master degree programs. The undergraduate degree programs include,  but are not limited to, philosophy, economics, law, pedagogy, literature,  history, science, engineering, agriculture, and administration. At present, the  enrollment of full-time students totals 33,362, and LCU  now has 2,150 full-time faculty members. In addition, the university employs  professors and instructors from Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Canada, the UK,  the United States and other countries.
    The west and east campuses of the  university, cover a total area of 200 hectares with building structures  occupying an area of 750,000 m2. The total value of laboratory apparatus and  equipments is RMB335 million Yuan. Its libraries possess a collection of books  up to 2,633,000 volumes and hundreds of TB electronic books and journals. With  its picturesque lakes and evergreens -- together with many modern teaching  facilities, lab buildings, libraries, web centers, and gymnasiums -- the campus  creates an elegant environment uniquely suited for study and research.

    LCU promotes a spirit of dedicated and committed teaching, the admiration  of knowledge, honest behavior, and continued progress, taking as its mission the  training of personnel, scientific research, and the offering of social services.  LCU also aims to nurture specially talented students by providing solid academic  foundations to aid them putting their abilities into practice. LCU enforces the  strategy of “constructing the university with the highest standards, promoting  it with specialties, and strengthening it by working with talented professors”;  now it takes great efforts to support the comprehensive internal development.  The standards of the operation of the university, likewise, its social  reputation, have been enhanced overall .

    LCU actively expands the activities of international communication and  runs collaborative programs with domestic and foreign educational institutions.  LCU also is active in the education of international students. Now LCU has  established friendly intercollegiate relations and exchange and cooperative  relations with more than 100 foreign universities and institutions from over  forty countries and districts such as the U.S., Japan, Canada, Russia,  Australia, Sweden, and South Korea. The level of educational  internationalization has been gradually improved by implementing diverse  international exchanges of faculty and students. 
    Liaocheng  University welcomes you to our beautiful, congenial campus.


No.1 Hunan Road, Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng City, Shandong, China