Beijing foreign students' scholarship

Our school can provide Beijing foreign student scholarship, students may apply for admission in the project.
For bachelor students, who can study here at last can apply half or full scholarship at the first school year,and then they have scholarship or not according to the comprihensive performance of last year.

For language students who can study here cannot apply scholarship at the beginning of study, but they can apply it at the end of each school year if they have high attendence rate and study hard etc.

Under the support of this project, foreign students from our college have increased significantly both in quantity or quality than ever, these students from America, Asia, Africa, Europe and so on more than 40countries,including USA,UK,France,Germany,Italy,Canada,Australia,Russia,Korea,Ukraine,Japan,

Denmark, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Argentina, Chile, etc. and Chinese students from Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan.  The level of the foreign students continuously improve, and matriculate country gradually optimized, greatly improve the level of the students, raised the enthusiasm of the study and improved the quality of the students. In the year 2014, 45% of the foreign students got Beijing foreign student scholarship.


                                《Scholarship Awarding Rules for International School of BIFT》

These rules are applicable to any scholarship set in the Institute for the Chinese government, municipal government of Beijing, any social organization, enterprise and individual.



Purpose: A scholarship is intended to encourage any student currently studying and performing excellently in the school and to promote his/her learning motivation, personal development and positive attitude.

Types: Full (in amount equivalent to the full tuition fee of an academic year)

      Half (in amount equivalent to half the tuition fee of an academic year)

      Other (on a case-to-case basis)

     Note: The scholarship and related levels set by Ministry of Education for students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan shall be subject to related regulations of the government agency.


Application Range

A scholarship shall be applicable to any student who has been registered formally and paid the tuition fee in full and is currently studying in the school, including newcomers, with exclusion of:

1. Student who applies for suspension or resumption of schooling in the academic year;

2. In principle, student who applies for and has been approved for grade skipping in current academic year;

3. Student who currently stays down or is degraded; 

4. student who violates any national law, or regulations of International School or dormitory management rules, defaults any tuition fee or lodging fee or conducts any other disciplinary offence;

5. In principle, postgraduate who is spending his/her second half of the academic year;

6. Student who participates in an exchange program for the year of exchange and the year of return and resumption of schooling; and

7.In principle, student who fails any compulsory course during the last academic year.


Awarding Rules and Procedure

Evaluation Period: September~October for awarding of scholarship to foreign students

          November~December for awarding of scholarship to students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

          Period for awarding of scholarship to any other students will be decided on a case-to-case basis.

Evaluation of non-newcomer students: The evaluation will be performed based on the following:

Average Scores of All Compulsory Courses in the Last Academic Year *80% + Comprehensive Exam Results *20%

The scholarship will be awarded in a descending sequence of ranking, and specific number of the awardees and award grading may be changed based on the sum of scholarship available and the ranking condition.

Note: The comprehensive exam results will be evaluated by the Scholarship Evaluation Committee of International School, which consists of class leaders, class assistants and related management teachers.

Evaluation of newcomers: The scholarship for newcomers will be evaluated and distributed based on the sum of scholarship available and evaluation of non-newcomer students.

A specific evaluation procedure is given in the diagram below.

Student score collection and identification

Evaluation based on scores and comprehensive results 

Announcement of List of Scholarship Awardees 

Issuance of Scholarship and Certificate


The Institute will announce a list of scholarship awardees in the bulletin board make it available for a week after evaluation is completed. Any student may raise an objection against or enquiry about the awarding result within the announcement. The Office of International School will make investigation and verification as necessary, and discuss and modify the result based on actual condition. After expiry of the announcement, the awarding result will be finalized and no objection or enquiry will be accepted by the International School, and the scholarship will be awarded as scheduled.


Awarding of scholarship

Any scholarship awarded to any overseas students will be retained for payment of tuition fee.  

Any scholarship awarded to any students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be directly transferred to the winner's bank account.  



This regulations shall be implemented on trial from the date of issuance. We reserve the right to conclusively interpret the provisions as stated above.


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