Approved by the Ministry of Education PRC, Eastern Liaoning  University (ELU) is one of provincial universities in Liaoning Province. It is   located in the most beautiful border city of China—Dandong, nearby the Yalu  River. Dandong is also a coastal city near the Yellow Sea, with a beautiful  scenery and human-friendly climate. That’s the ideal place for study and life.  This university is home to two campuses: Linjiang Campus and Jinshan Campus.  Linjiang Campus is built along the Yalu River, towards Sinuiju City of North  Korea, with the beautiful environment; while Jinshan Campus is located at the  foot of Wulong Mountain, a famous tourist site with green trees and fresh air.  ELU covers an area of 1280mu and the total building area is about 406,300   square meters. The fixed assets total 672 million. And there are approximately  16,000 students at ELU. 
              There are 17 school subsidiaries included in the University:  Economic School, Korean School, School of Business Administration, School of  Tourism Management, and School of Adult Education under Linjiang Campus; and  Foreign Language School, School of Art & Design, Agriculture School ,  School of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering, School of Clothing &  Textile, Medical School, School of Information Engineering, Normal School,  School of Urban Construction, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Health   and Image Management, and School of Engineering Technology under Jinshan  Campus. Currently the major programs of ELU mainly lie in over 9 subjects  including Economics, Education, Literature, Science, Technology, Agriculture,  Medicine, Management, Arts, etc. With focus on bachelor degree education, it offers  vocational (associate degree) education as well as undergraduate education. It  has 47 bachelor degree majors and 32 vocational (associate degree) majors now.
                     ELU boasts teaching staff who are in their prime and full of  vigour, much experienced in teaching, and with high academic level. Among its  teaching staff of 1051, there are 131 professors and 494 associate professors,  793 with master's degree and above. The majority of excellent teachers enjoy  the special allowance of the State Council, including excellent experts,  Hundred-Thousand Talents Top program, distinguished teachers and outstanding  young teachers of Liaoning province. ELU also boasts perfect and modern   infrastructure for education and advanced experimental training system. There  are two provincial key laboratories in the university, namely Key Laboratory of  Functional Textile Materials and Key Laboratory of Early-Warning Monitoring  Technology in Water Environmental Radioactivity, and two provincial  experimental teaching bases like Experimental Teaching Center of Economic  Management and Experimental Teaching Center of Clothing and Textile  Engineering. Liaoning Research Base of the Korean Peninsula has been awarded  and approved as one of the First Batch of Regional Development and Strategy Research  Bases of Liaoning. Besides, there are Experimental Center, Engineering Training   Center, Modern Educational Technology Center, Experimental Teaching Center of  the Economic Administration, Medical Experimental Center, Materials science and  Chemical Engineering Experiment Center, Experimental Center of Mechanical and  Electrical Engineering, Foreign Language Center, Training Center for  Educational Comprehensive Skills, Accounting Experiment Center, Business  Training Center and other Experimental Teaching Centers in ELU. It also has  established a high standard of modern Tourism Management Training Base (Eastern  Liaoning University Business Hotel), a Clothing and Textile Research and   Training Base, a Korean Training Base, a Computer Application Technology and  Public Training Base, an Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Training Base and  Horticultural Training Base, etc.        
       ELU pays great attention to International cooperation and   exchange. It has established cooperative relations with 14 renowned   universities and institutions such as S. Korea, the U.S.A, Britain, Canada,  Australia, Japan, etc and launched extensive academic exchanges, students  exchange programs, cooperative education and other activities. Among them, ELU  has achieved remarkable results in cooperation with many universities in South  Korea, which fully reflects the geographical advantages of Eastern Liaoning  University.


Room 1104 Wencui Building No.116 Linjiang Back Street Zhenan District Dandong Liaoning China


Phone: 86-0415-3789333