Chinese Languag

1. Introduction to the Chinese courses

   Chinese courses for the international students is classified as elementary, intermediate, and advanced level aiming to teaching international students to learn Chinese language and culture. The teaching program is set up based on the rules of gradual development, and mainly covers Chinese characters, speaking, writing, phonetic, vocabulary, grammar, and reading.

  The Chinese cultural courses are also a convenience for international students, including the brief history of Chinese culture, literature, folk culture, and brief introduction to Chinese craftsmanship.

  The Chinese Calligraphy course is to teach the “scholar’s four jewels”, the method of Chinese brush pen writing, the basic calligraphy strokes, the brief history of calligraphy and appreciation of calligraphy.

2.Teaching model

  We use small class and individualized teaching form, according to each student’s Chinese level, and offer after-school tutoring to ensure the quality of teaching.


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