1. Application fee: 

   $75 (USD). This fee is non-refundable.

2. Accommodation fee: 

   600 Yuan (CNY)/month, excluding utilities and 800 Yuan (CNY), including utilities. (2-bed student dormitory on campus with a bathroom; with basic bedding, color TV, Internet access, air conditioner, water heater, desks and other basic furniture. )

3. Tuition fee:

TypesTuition Per Head (CNY)Number of studentsNotes
Long-term ProgramsChinese Language Learning¥6,000/semester 
¥10,000/ academic year
3-12Trips will be arranged at weekends or during the vacations to experience Chinese Culture and historical heritage. The cost for trips is extra.
Chinese Culinary Art
Tourism & Leisure Management
Hotel Management
Short-Term ProgramsShort-Term Chinese Training Program¥600/week 
¥2,100/4 weeks
Intensive Chinese Program¥5,600/12 weeks


   Note: There are about 18 weeks in a semester and you will have 18 class hours a week.

4. Internet fee: 

   59 Yuan (CNY) per month (paid to service provider)

5. Insurance fee: 

   600-800 Yuan (CNY) per year, varies by policy type. Insurance is REQUIRED for students planning to study for more than 180 days, but recommended (purchased here, OR travelers’ insurance purchased in your home country) for short term students.

6. Health check fee: 

   300 Yuan (CNY). Only required for students planning to study for more than 180 days.

7. Residence permit fee:

    Charged by the Office of Public Security. It varies according to the different validity period of residence permit you apply for.



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