Program's fee:

  Tuition fees: 90,000RMB in total (for two years)

  Application fee:400RMB


Study materials:

  Estimated at RMB200-350 per semester



  1.On-campus (Overseas Student Dormitory)

  Estimated Price: RMB900-1500/bed/month (Cai Qingjie Building 蔡清洁楼 & Nanguang 5 Building 南光5号楼)


  Estimated Price: RMB1200-2500/room/month (Gas, electricity, water and internet are usually excluded.)



  Estimated at RMB750/month


Student insurance:

  RMB600 per student per academic year


Other expenses:

  Students are responsible for all other incidental fees during their study at university.


Average living costs per month in Xiamen:

  RMB2000/person/month estimated to meet the basic needs including expenses on meals, learning materials, housing and transportation.


  • A207 Economics Building, Xiamen University, Fujian, China