Undergraduate Program



Bachelor Programs


School of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Design &Manufacturing and Their Automation

Mechatronics Engineering

Process Equipment and Control Engineering

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Industrial Engineering


School of Civil and Port Sea Engineering

Civil Engineering


Construction Management

Harbor, Waterway and Coastal Engineering

School of Electronic Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

Measurement Control Technology and Instruments

Telecommunication Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Automation


Electronic Science and Technology

School of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Environmental Engineering

Materials Chemistry

Safety Engineering

Macromolecular Materials and Engineering


School of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Engineering


School of Marine Life and Aquatic Products(School of Food Engineering)


Marine resources and environment


Aquaria Science and Technology

Marine Science

Food Science and Engineering

Propagation Quarantine


School of Computer Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Software Engineering

Network Engineering


School of Geodesy and Marine Information

Marine Technology

Geographical Information Science

Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering

Marine resources development technology

School of Business

Business Administration




Financial Management

Logistics Management

International Economics and Trade


School of Humanities

Chinese Language & Literature




School of Foreign Languages

English Language and Literature

Korean Language and Literature

Japanese Language and Literature


School of Science

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Opto-Electronics Information Science and Engineering

Information and Computing Science

New Energy Science and Engineering



School of Law


Land Resources Management

Public Administration


School of Art

Visual Communication Design

Product Design

Environment Design

Digital Media Art

School of Physical Education

Leisure Sports


Majors for Master’s Degree and Research Field

Academic degree graduate

First level subject

Major and research direction

Marine Science

01 Application of Marine Chemistry

08 Marine Algae Biology

02 Marine Natural Medicinal Chemistry

09 Offshore Area Ecology and Environment

03 Marine Active Substance Structural Modification and Transformation

10 Comprehensive Utilization of Marine Biological Resources

04 Marine Microorganism and Its Active Substance

11 Marine Biopharmaceuticals and Products

05 Marine Organism Reproduction and Genetic Thremmatology

12 Ocean Space Information Technology

06 Marine Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

13 Marine Dynamic Process Numerical Simulation and Forecasting

07 Marine Animal Immunity and Pathology

14 Coastal Zone Resource Development and Offshore Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Machine Manufacture and Automation

01 Additive Manufacturing Technology

03 Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

02 Near Net Shape Technology

04 Composite Material Forming

Mechatronic Engineering

01 Mechatronics Technology

03 Industrial Robot Technology

02 Digital Intelligent Hydraulic Technology


Machine Design and Theory

01 Functional Materials Structure and Design

03 Modern Design Theory and Technology

02 Digital Design and Manufacturing


Vehicle Engineering

01 Intelligent Automation Agricultural Equipment and Technology

03 Vehicle Design Theory and Methods

02 Efficient Production and Processing Equipment and Technology of Seafood


Chemical Engineering and Technology

Chemical Engineering

01 Reaction and Separation Engineering

03 Environmental Chemistry Engineering

02 Material Chemical Engineering


Chemical Technology

01 Fine Chemical Engineering

03 Medicine and Intermediate Synthesis Technology

02 Green Synthesis Techniques


Biochemical Engineering

01 Resource Microbial Engineering

03 Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

02 Biological Agents Engineering


Applied Chemistry

01 Functional Complex

03 Fine Organic Synthesis

02 Modern Analysis Technology

04 Resource-Utilizing Chemistry

Industrial Catalysis

01 Nanotechnology and Application

03 Catalysis and Technology

02 Advanced Functional Catalytic Materials


Professional degree graduate

Degree category

major and research direction

Surveying and Mapping Engineering

01 Digital CitySpatial Information Acquisition and Processing

04 Geographical Conditions Monitoring

02 Geomatics Information Acquisition and Processing

05 Ocean Spatial Information Technology

03 Precision Engineering Surveying

06 Satellite Disaster Monitoring and Warning

Agriculture Master


01 Aquatic Animal Culture and Proliferation, and Breeding

03 Aquatic Animal Nutrition and Feed

02 Prevention and Treatment of Aquatic Animal Disease

04 Aquaculture Water Environment Governing

Food Processing and Safety

01 Food Processing and Functional Food

03 Agricultural Products Storage and Freshness Preservation

02 Food Biotechnology

04 Food Safety and Quality Control






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