Fujian Commercial College is a full-time undergraduate college of provincial government held by the people's government of fujian province, and the ministry of education approved the establishment of the ministry of education in March 2016.School formerly known as fujian business college and fujian foreign economic and trade professional technology institute, school origin can be traced back to the established in 1906, "fuzhou ymca college" and "fujian government business school".After 110 years of running the school, it has been passed on from generation to generation, and has been enjoying the reputation of "the cradle of fujian business" and "the cradle of foreign trade".Successively, the ministry of education and other six ministries have been awarded the "national professional education advanced unit" and "the national graduate employment typical experience 50 universities", which has been awarded the fujian provincial civilization school for five consecutive years.In May 2017, the overseas Chinese office of the state council approved the project of "overseas huiqiao project -- Chinese food prosperity base". 

Located in fuzhou, fujian province, the school has three campuses, including the drum tower, lianjiang river and ma wei, with an area of over 1500 mu and a beautiful campus environment. It is the education base of the ecological civilization of fujian province.There are more than 10,000 students.

The school is full of professional and distinctive features.Existing accounting, economic and trade department, department of business administration, information management department, the department of foreign languages, department of tourism, business news lines, fine arts and base department, education department, continuing education and so on 11 teaching department (department).Open international business, electronic commerce, financial management, financial engineering, art, design, audit, exhibition economy and management, and other 10 undergraduate professional and more than 40 specialized professional, initially formed tube, economics, engineering, literature, etc. To support each other, cross penetration and coordinated development of the discipline system.Existing national key construction of the ministry of education and ministry of finance support professional 4, 11 provincial boutique, 14 provincial demonstration professional, professional four provincial service industry characteristics, the reform of provincial innovative venture education professional 5, 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, the provincial high-quality goods curriculum 31;The provincial higher education reform comprehensive test project 7, the modern apprenticeship training program 4, the university of mintai colleges and universities jointly train the talent project 6 items.He has won two second prizes of national teaching achievements, 2 provincial teaching achievements, 4 first prize and 4 second prize.

The school has built more stable off-campus internship and training base more than 370. Among them, there are 5 education bases for college students outside the provincial level.Has 216 campus training rooms, school training base (center) 24, in which the central financial support training base 2, fiscal support bases in fujian province, the provincial demonstration bases, the two schools are college graduates entrepreneurship training base in fujian province.

School existing full-time teachers more than 600 people, senior titles accounted for 40%, with doctor, master's degree of teachers account for more than 80% of the total number of full-time teachers, including 1 enjoy the state council special allowance experts, national college teaching teacher 1 person, 10 people teaching masters in universities at the provincial level, provincial youth 1 outstanding talents, province arts and crafts master 2, provincial professional leader 19, 4 master tutor.The school has recruited 15 foreign teachers from the United States, Britain, Japan, Spain, Italy, Austria and Poland.We have also hired a number of professionals from the enterprise industry, who have the relevant qualification and rich experience in practice, and are part-time teachers in the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage.The school has six provincial-level teaching teams.

Give full play to the school is located in the "maritime silk road" important birthplace and free trade area and adjacent to Taiwan, fuzhou, facing southeast Asia's geographical advantage, relying on industry, actively carry out extensive cooperation in running schools, and universities in Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan and other countries hold cooperation projects, with Taiwan zhongyuan university, university of science and technology, the founding YuDa cooperation between fujian and Taiwan university of science and technology, etc.We have conducted extensive cooperation with alibaba, China life, bank of China, construction bank and wal-mart.Associated with horsetail changan investment zone to promote "joint" projects, such as the remarkable achievements of cooperation, has been the xinhua news agency, China central television (CCTV), China youth daily, China education news, and other national mainstream media reports.

The school focuses on students' professional skills and application ability, and actively organizes students to participate in various skills competitions.In recent years, students participate in national and provincial skills contest won the award of more than 700 items, has won the first prize in the national contest of college students' foreign trade professional ability, the national business skills contest first prize, the national business design and sand table simulation management series, the national vocational college logistics skills competition champion, national higher vocational college English writing contest, 2014 and 2016, twice won the national vocational colleges declaration skills competition won the first prize.In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 95%, and the proportion of graduates who are self-employed is higher than the national average. Graduates are well received by employers.

Has gone through a journey of one hundred glorious and formed in the new starting point of fujian business school, will continue to uphold "mingde, honesty, often sensitive, self-improvement" spirit, adhere to a foothold in fujian, the southeast of radiation, geared to the needs of modern service industries and emerging industries, docking in fujian and cafta construction "maritime silk road in the 21st century" opening-up strategy, enhance the comprehensive strength of running the university, efforts to build a business advantage obviously, characteristic of running a school and service have an impact on regional economic development of applied undergraduate colleges and universities.



Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.