Year Founded: 1949

Type: Engineering University

Level: Public University

Location: Shenyang

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  • Address: No.111, Shenliao West Road, Economic & Technological Development Zone, Shenyang,110870,P.R.CHINA
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Shenyang University of Technology (SUT) is situated in Shenyang-a key modern city and the economical, cultural, communication, trade and commercial hub in the Northeastern region of China. With four distinct seasons, beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage, Shenyang is the most important heavy industry base in China ,always known as "Oriental Ruhr ". Shenyang is also an ideal place to study Chinese, for it’s located in mandarin language area.

SUT is an engineering oriented comprehensive university, with its subjects covering such seven areas, as engineering, science, economy, management, liberal arts, laws and philosophy. SUT founded in 1949 is made up by 4 campuses, namely, Central Campus, Xing shun Campus, Science and Technology Park which are located in Shenyang City of Liaoning Province and Liaoyang Campus which is located in Liaoyang City of Liaoning Province. Covering a total area of 1,596,000 square meters, SUT is authorized for the conferment of Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree and Doctor' Degree. 5 first-level disciplines and 17 second-level disciplines are authorized for the conferment of Doctor' Degree, and 71 second-level disciplines for the conferment of Master's Degree. The university also has 3 post-doctoral research centers in Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Material Science, and 4 Mater's Degree programs in Engineering, Business Administration, Accounting and Engineering Management. Besides, there are 1 key discipline in Electrical Machine and Apparatus at national level, 4 key first-level disciplines at provincial level as well as 16 key second-level disciplines at provincial level. SUT has 50 undergraduate programs and 20 three-year-term programs, 5 state-level specialized feature specialty construction points, 8 demonstration undergraduate professionals of Liaoning Province. By now, there are 16087 undergraduates, 2778 postgraduates and 1831 three-year-term students in SUT. Its teachers strength is abundant ; its scientific research is plentiful. SUT has created National Engineering Technology Research Center,MOE Engineering Technology Center, Provincial Ministry of Education Key Laboratory and Province University Humanities Social Sciences Key Research Base.

SUT has began to enroll and cultivated more than 3000 foreign students from 12 countries such as Korea, Japan, America, Russia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Turkey, the Philippines, Uganda since 1985. These students include Chinese Trainees, exchange students, preppies, undergraduates taught in Chinese or in English and postgraduates which majors are Electrical Engineering and Automation, Architecture, International Business and Trade, Accounting, Business Management, Marketing and Chinese Language, etc. And it has become the host institution of “Chinese Government Scholarship” authorized by the Ministry of Education of China (MOEC) at present. SUT has established stable and long-term collaborative relations with 36 colleges and universities from USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, UK, Australia, Korea, Finland, Taiwan, etc; and it developed multiple Chinese-Foreign cooperative programs on bachelor & master’s levels.




SUT Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Automation

SUT Bachelor of International Economics and Trade

SUT Bachelor of Mechanical design, Manufacturing and Automation

SUT Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology

SUT Bachelor of Civil Engineering


(Ⅰ)Bachelor: 4 years


2.Electrical Engineering and Automation

3.Biomedical Engineering


5.Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering

6.Metallic Materials Engineering

7.Material Formation and Control Engineering

8.Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

9.Industrial Engineering

10.Industrial Design

11.Logisticis Engineering

12.Sports Equipment Engineering

13.Automotive Engineering

14.International Trade and Business



17.Business Administration




21.Logistics Management

22.Engineering Management

23.Measurement Technology and Equipment

24.Electronic Information Engineering

25.Electronic Science and Technology

26.Communication Engineering

27.Computer Science and Technology

28.Environmental Engineering

29.Applied Chemistry

30.Information and Computer

31.Applied Physics

32.Mathematics and Applied Mathematics



35.Artistic Designing

36.Architecture Environment and Equipment Engineering


38.Civil Engineering

39.Software Engineering

40.Chemical Engineering and Technology

41.Polymer Materials and Engineering

42.Process Equipment and Control

(Ⅱ)Master: 2.5 years

1.Biomedical Engineering

2.Industrial Engineering

3.Logisticis Engineering

4.Business Administration


6.Engineering Management

7.Applied Chemistry

8.Software Engineering

9.Chemical Engineering and Technology

10.Fluid Machinery and Engineering

11.Precision Instrument and Machinery

12.Measurement Techniques & Measuring Instruments

13.Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics

14.Signal and Information Processing

15.Control Theory and Control Engineering

16.Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment

17.Systems Engineering

18.Computer Software and Theory

19.General and Fundamental Mechanics

20.Solid Mechanics

21.Fluid Mechanics

22.Engineering Mechanics

23.Structural Engineering

24.Basic Mathematics

25.Numerical Mathematics

26.Operational Research and Cybernetics

27.Condensed Matter Physics

28.Industrial Catalysis

29.Management Science and Engineering

30.Business Administration

31.Tourism Management

32.Technology Economy and Management

33.Applied Economics

34.Applied Mathematics

35.Mechanical Engineering

36.Materials Science and Engineering

37.Electric Engineering

38.Philosophy of Science and Technology

39.Civil Law and Commercial Law

40.Legal Theory

41.Litigation Law

42.Economic Law

43.International Law

44.Intellectual Property Law

45.Communication and Law

46.Computer Application Technology

47.Computer Technology


49.New Material Synthesis and Application Technology

50.Environmental Chemical Engineering

51.Material Chemical Engineering

52.Process Detection Technology and Instrument

53.Industrial Engineering

54.Materials Engineering

55.Instrument and Meter Engineering

56.Electronics and Communications Engineering

57.Control Engineering

58.Project Management

(III)Doctor: 3 years

1.Mechatronic Engineering

2.Mechanical Design and Theory

3.Materials Physics and Chemistry

4.Materials Science

5.Materials Processing Engineering

6.Electric machines and Electric Apparatus

7.Power System and its Automation

8.High Voltage and Insulation Technology

9.Power Electronics and Power Drives

10.Electrical Engineering Theory and New Technology

11.Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

12.Automotive Engineering

13.Medical Electromagnetic Engineering

14.Artificial Intelligence and Electric Motor Control

15.Materials Science and Engineering

16.Electric Engineering

17.Management Science and Engineering

18.Precision Instrument and Machinery

19.Measurement Techniques & Measuring Instruments


Length of Schooling: 4 years


A bachelor diploma and a graduation certificate are awarded after four years’ study

★.Main Subjects

 A comprehensive course of Chinese language literature; Economics

★.Main Courses

Chinese, listening, Spoken Chinese, Reading, Spoken Chinese for Business Economics ,Principles of Economics ,A comprehensive Course of Chinese for Business Economics ,Advanced Business Spoken Chinese ,Introduction to Economy, China's Foreign Economy and Commerce ,China's Economic laws concerning foreign countries, China's General Conditions, China's Contemporary Economy.

★Other Courses:

Chinese folk customs, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy.


1. Please send apply materials to us work e-mail:

(1)The graduation certificate or transcript (High school or University)

(2) The first page and blank pages of passport.

(3) The application form for admission of Shenyang University of Technology

2. After we received your materials, we will apply for the JW202 form for you.

3.Please go to your country's embassy for visa when you get our JW202 form and the admission notice.





Tuition fee:

Language Learner:12400 RMB/Year

Chinese Undergraduate:15000 RMB/Year

Undergraduate(including English teaching):16000 RMB/Year

Postgraduate:20000 RMB/Year

Doctorate:24000 RMB/Year

Accommodation fee:

Double Room:7200 RMB/Year(TV、freezer、bathroom、electricity and water fees by yourself)

Single Room:14400 RMB/Year(TV、freezer、bathroom、electricity and water fees by yourself)