Undergraduate Programs


 Biological Sciecnce  


 Environment Science 

 Aquaria Science and Technology 

 Landscape Gardening 

 Animal Science 

 Biotechnology Science(Marine life direction) 

 Marine Fishery Science and Technology 

 Marine Management 

 Marine Technology 

 Marine Technology (The direction of marine charting) 

 Marine Science(the direction of marine environment) 

 Marine Science(Direction of Marine biological resources) 

 Environmental Engineering  

 Food Science and Engineering 

 Food Science and Engineering(Food logistics engineering) 

 Food Quality and Safety 

 Biotechnology(Marine biological pharmaceutical direction) 

 Thermal Energy and Power Engineering 

 Building Environment and Equipment Engineering 

 Packaging Engineering 

 International Economics and trade 

 Finance and Banking 

 Agricultural and Forestry Economy Management 



 Logistics Management 

 Logistics Management(Food logistics management direction) 

 Food Economy Management 

 Computer Science and Technology 

 Information Management & Information Systems 

 Information and Computing Science 

 Spatial-Informatics and Digitalized Technology 

 General Administration 

 General Administration(labor and social security) 


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