Admission Prospectus for International Graduate Students

1.1 Identity requirements

Applicants shall be non-Chinese nationals with a valid passport.

Note: According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China, Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners, and Working Rules on Visas and Residence Permits for Foreigners, the Entry and Exit Administrative Bureau shall verify and confirm the foreign nationality while handling visa applications. Applicants with a foreign nationality please read the Nationality Confirmation Notice 

1.2 Academic requirements

1.2.1 Applicants of master's programs shall have a bachelor's degree or equivalent educational background, namely an associate degree for over two years (from the date of graduation to September 1st 2018, the same below) in the absence of a bachelor’s degree upon application.

1.2.2 Applicants of doctoral programs shall have a master's degree or equivalent educational background, namely a bachelor's degree for over three years in the absence of a master's degree upon application.

1.3 Applicants shall have good morality and physical health.

1.4 Recommendations

Applicants shall submit two letters of recommendation written in Chinese or English by professors or associate professors from relevant academic areas.

1.5 Chinese proficiency

Applicants shall be proficient in Chinese and pass HSK Level 5 or above.

II. Academic Programs (Full-Time)

For more details, please refer to Graduate Programs for International Students at Huaqiao University 2018.

Attachment: Graduate Programs for International Students at Huaqiao University 2018

III. Application and Examination

3.1 Application

3.1.2 Application materials

(1) Application Form for International Students at Huaqiao University;

(2) Photocopy of passport;

(3) Notarized highest degree certificate and transcript in Chinese or English; certificates and transcripts in languages other than Chinese and English shall be submitted with notarized Chinese or English translations;

(4) Two letters of recommendation;

(5) Physical Examination Record for Foreigners;

(6) Two recently-taken half-length one-inch bareheaded color photos.

According to related exit and entry laws and regulations, international students studying in China must possess the Student Visa (X1 Visa). Please submit complete materials as required and fill out JW202 for the application of Student Visa (X1 Visa).

3.1.3 Scholarships

The university offers Chinese Government Scholarships and Xiamen Tan Kah Kee Scholarships to eligible international students. For more details, please refer to the application prospectus of the scholarships.

(1) Chinese Government Scholarships in 2018 (TBA)

(2) Tan Kah Kee Scholarships in 2018 (click here to download)

Note: Eligible applicants can apply for only one scholarship. The entrance examination and admissions of those applicants shall be conducted in accordance with the scholarship application procedure.

3.2 Qualification and scene verification

After application, the university shall start the qualification process. Eligible applicants then shall complete scene verification as required.

Scene verification is scheduled on April 13th from 8:30 to 17:00 (venue TBA). Applicants shall submit printed copies of application materials as required and bring along the original copies for verification. Late verification shall not be accepted.

IV. Enrollment

Freshmen shall enroll before mid-September, 2019. For more details, please refer to the Admission Notice. The university shall double-check applicants’ physical condition and disqualify those applicants who do not meet the requirements.

Freshmen shall enroll on time or submit written applications for late enrollment. Unreported late enrollment for more than two weeks shall lead to disqualification for enrollment and scholarship (if there is any).

V. Duration of Study

The duration of all master's programs is three years except for two years of MSF (Master of Science in Finance), up to a maximum of five years. The duration of all doctoral programs is three years, up to a maximum of eight years.

VI. Degree

Students who pass all the examinations and thesis defense shall be conferred relevant degree and certificate according to the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Academic Degrees.

VII. Tuition and Accommodation Fees (CNY)

7.1 Tuition

The whole master's program: 57,000 per person;

The whole doctoral program: 75,000 per person.

7.2 Accommodation (per academic year)





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