Shanxi University of TCM, was formally founded in June 1989, authorized by the State Educational Committee after 7 years of construction. In 2002, it starts to recruit overseas students. In 2004, it accepted Taiyuan Railway Central Hospital and Taiyuan Railway Tuberculosis Hospital,SXTCM thus becoming the center of scientific research and medicine in Shanxi Province.The school covers an area of 174,698.46 square meters, including a floor space of 121,796.40 square meters with a fixed asset of 158 million Yuan, (with 31.8471 million Yuan for teaching and scientific research equipment) and a collection of 381,600 volumes in the library. It consists 54 faculty working offices and 14 laboratories.The university boasts a strong and qualified teaching faculty of 287 teachers, with 50 professors, 56 associate professors, (accounting for 36.93% of the total); 154 with master's degree and above (accounting for 53.66% of the total).4 of them are entitled to the State Council special allowance; 3 have honorably been awarded "Famous Teacher of Shanxi Province", 2 "Model Teacher of Shanxi Province", 2 "Outstanding University Teacher on Political Theory of Shanxi Province"; 7 entitled by other TCM collages as tutors of doctoral students and 19 as tutors of master students; 34 as editors-in-chief and editors of teaching materials for higher Chinese medicine education, 14 as editors of high-quality teaching materials for the national ordinary higher Chinese medicine education.The university has graduated more than 3,600 students with bachelor’s degree since 1986, many of whom are now playing important roles in their positions. At present it has on its campus 4,266 undergraduates, 142 full-time adult undergraduates and 404 undergraduates for correspondence course.The university attaches great importance to academic research and technological innovation and keeps enhancing its research capability,with nearly 200 books and over 500 academic articles published altogether in recent years and 105 scientific research programs of all kinds,including 2 programs funded by the national "11th Five-Year Plan" Science And Technology Supporting Programs, 6 programs funded by National Natural Science Fund Committee          


Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.