Shanghai Polytechnic University


Shanghai Polytechnic University (ShanghaiPoly. or SSPU), founded in 1960, is a municipal public university boasting strengths in Engineering and well-coordinated development of multi-disciplines including Management, Economics, Literature, Science and Arts. 

In the past more than 50 years, SSPU has explored a distinctive path for a university of applied sciences, developing from adult education at the beginning, to full-time higher vocational education, then full-time undergraduate university, and afterward a pilot unit of professional master’s degree in the Talent Training Project of Serving National Special Needs granted by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. SSPU adheres to its orientation of Profession-Oriented Higher Education and its basic task of talent cultivation. Placing emphasis on education rules, connotation construction and social responsibilities, SSPU persists in combining education with economy and society, and combining education with production activities. Over 100,000 various technical and applied talents represented by the national model worker and outstanding inventor Bao Qifan and Li Bin, have graduated from SSPU and served the modernization of Shanghai. The university has achieved remarkable education and social benefits, being honored as Model of China’s Vocational Education and Cradle of Model Workers. 

Basic Information
SSPU consists of the main campus and several branch campuses, covering a total area of nearly 800 mu (or 53 hectares). Located on Jinhai Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, the main campus has the floor area of nearly 300,000 square meters, over 40,000 square meters of which belongs to Hands-on Training Center, and over 20,000 square meters of which is for Engineering Training Center. The university has 43 standard labs. The area of labs reaches 44,000 square meters and the total value of fixed assets of teaching and research equipment is 470 million RMB. Both the print book and e-book collection total more than 1 million volumes. A complete computer network service system has been established. 


2360 Jin Hai Road,Pudong District,Shanghai,China


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