Quanzhou Normal University is situated at Quanzhou ------ a well-known historic cultural city and the famous hometown of the Overseas Chinese. The school has two campuses: Donghai Campus and Shishan Campus. Donghai Campus sits at the crossing of Jinjiang River and Luoyangjiang River. The environment is fascinating along the mountains facing the sea with a view of the acient bay. Shishan Campus has the famous Gaogai Mount at the south, viewing the Pengfeng scenery at the north.

  Quanzhou Normal University serves more than 13,000 full-time students and offers almost 100 programs of study in 15 schools. The whole staff is over 1000 with a teaching team of 700 including 270 professors and associate professors. The school occupies a space of 1185 Mu (over 80 hectares). The library has contained more than one million books and reference materials and 900,000 electric books. 

  During the development of the university, it has achieved many academic and teaching awards. The university has one talent training model experimental area of national level, 4 key subjects in Fujian Province. Also it owns 19 classic courses, 3 demonstrating centers of experimental teaching, 3 innovative and exiperimental areas of talent training, 6 characteristic majors and 3 teaching corps of provincial level. 

  Quanzhou Normal University becomes well-known for its open and diverse policy and maintains cooperation relationships with universities and research institutes in Taiwan,Hong Kong, Macau, Canada, Americaļ¼ŒAustralia , Philippines and Germany. 

  Quanzhou Normal University offers its students a well-rounded education distinguished by real-world opportunities within and beyond the classroom. The University pursues its mission through a student-centered community of learning reflecting high standards and promoting a balance of liberal arts, sciences and professional preparation.


Quanzhou Normal University Donghai, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China, 362000


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