Artworks Operation and Management
Automotive Engineering
Automotive Engineering (International Scholarly Exchange Program)
Automotive Service Engineering
Broadcasting and Hosting
Business Intelligence
Business Planning
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering (International Scholarly Exchange program)
Civil Engineering for Road and Bridge
Civil Engineering for Housing and Building
Cloud Computing
Commercial Modelling and Cabin Service
Communication Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Construction Management for Budget and Final Accounts
Construction Project Management
Digital Animation
Digital Media
Digital Media Technology
Digital Publishing
Electronic and Computer System Engineering (Cooperative Education Program with Victoria University of Wellington)
Electrical Engineering and Automation
Electrical Engineering and Automation (International Scholarly Exchange Program)
Electrical Engineering and Automation for Electrical Control
Electronic Information Engineering
Electronic Packaging
Embedded Technology
Engineering Mechanics
Environmental Design
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering (Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering)
Environmental System Engineering (Cooperative Education Program with University of Regina)
Event Planning
Fashion and Accessory Design (Fashion Design and Performance)
Fashion Design
Financial Investment
Financial Management
Financial Management (International Scholarly Exchange program)
Financial Service Engineering
Hotel Management
Hotel Management Bakery
Information and Computing Science
Information Management and Information System
Information systems and Management for Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Management
International Business
International Business and Finance (Study Abroad Program)
International Chinese
Internet of Things
Logistics EngineeringMaterial Forming and Control Engineering
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Financial Mathematics)
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Statistics)
Mechanical and Automotive Engineering (Study Abroad Program)
Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation
Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation (Mechatronics Engineering)
Media Creations
Metal Material Engineering
MICE Economics and Management
Mobile Cloud Computing
Musical Engineering
Network Engineering
New Energy Materials and Devices
Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering
Port Logistics Management
Port, Waterway and Coastal Engineering
Product Design
Software Engineering
Software Engineering for Accounting and Information Systems
Software Engineering for New Media Engineering
Software Engineering Technology
Software Service Engineering
Space Information and Digital Technology
Surveying Engineering
Transport Engineering (Rail Transport Management)
Visual Communication Design
Water Works Engineering



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