Located in Kaifeng, the excellent historic and tourism city in China, Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute was founded in March, 1929 with its original name—Hydraulic Engineering Special School affiliated to Henan Construction Department, then it had experienced the changing from Henan Hydraulic Engineering Special School in June, 1931, State Yellow River Basin Hydraulic Engineering College in May, 1942, Yellow River Conservancy College in November, 1958 and Yellow River Conservancy School in Sept. 1961 chronologically. In March, 1998, the school was reconstructed into Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute. In December 2006, it was recognized as one of the first batch of the 28 demonstrative vocational and technical colleges by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance and stepped into the top ranks of higher vocational education.


Currently the Institute has more than 600 full-time teachers, among which 30% are professors and associate professors, 50% with master or doctor degrees. Now there are more than 16000 full-time college students in the Institute and more than 2000 adult students. The Institute has 18 departments and 73 specialties, covering 4 disciplines of industry, economy, art and management. The Institute has one national first-class specialty, 2 national teaching reform experimental specialties, 14 provincial-level key specialties, 13 national top-level courses and 18 provincial top-level courses which have ranked first in Henan province. The institute owns the qualification for recruiting international students and has 47 international students now (three years formal schooling with graduation diploma).


With the advanced educational facilities and good learning environment, our institute occupies more than 14 hectares with construction area reaching 480,000 square meters. On the beautiful campus, the experimental and training area totally reaches 2.55 hectares and 187 workshops and labs. The Institute uniting 81 water conservancy enterprises and state-owned units and 13 water conservancy vocational colleges has established China Water Conservancy Vocational Education Group supported by China Water Conservancy Vocational Education Association, building a managerial platform featuring the cooperation between educational units and enterprises.


During the vicissitudes of more than 80 years, over 100 thousand skilled talents graduated from the Institutes and made their name throughout the whole country. The previous Water Resources Minister Yang Zhenhuai praised it as the “the Cradle of Technical Elites for Yellow River Water Conservancy”, and Li Guoying, the previous chief of Yellow River Conservancy Commission, during his inspection in the institute once said: “There would be no saying of the more than 50 years peace of Yellow River without Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute”.

  • No.1 Dongjing Avenue, Kaifeng, Henan, China