The Undergraduate Majors

    School of Management

    Human Resource Management

    Administrative Management

    Management of Public Services

    Logistics Management

    School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


    Applied Chemistry

    Environmental Science.

    Materials Chemistry

    Polymer Material and Engineering

    Chemical Engineering and Technology

    Pharmaceutical Engineering

    School of Mechanical and Engineering

    Mechanism Design, Manufacturing and Automatization

    Civil Engineering

    Industrial Design

    School of Teachers Education

    Applied Psychology

    Elementary Education

    Preschool Education

    Education Technology

    School of History and Social Development

    Social Work


    Cultural Heritage and Museology

    School of Tourism

    Geographical Science

    Human Geography and Planning in Urban and Rural Areas

    Management of Tourism

    School of Fine Arts

    Fine Arts

    Visual Communication Design

    Environmental Design

    Clothing Design and Engineering

    School of Business

    Financial Management


    International Economics and Trade

    School of Biology & Brewing Engineering 



    Grape and Wine Engineering

    School of Mathematics and Statistics

    Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

    Information and Computing Science

    Applied Statistics

    School of Ideological & Political Education

    Ideological and Political Education

    School of Sports


    Guidance and Management of Social Sports

    Physical Education

    School of Foreign Languages



    School of Literature and Communication

    Chinese Language and Literature

    Chinese Language

    Teaching Chinese to Speaker of Other Language


    Broadcasting and Hosting

    Radio and TV Editing and Directing

    School of Physics & Electronic Engineering


    Electronic Information Science and Technology

    Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering

    Communication Engineering

    School of Information Science and Technology

    Computer Science and Technology

    Software Engineering


    Electronic Commerce

    Conservatory of Music


    Musical Performance


   The Associated Degree