Undergraduate  Programme in English 2017

■ Clinical Medicine  (MBBS)

School   (Click to visit its website) Programme  Degree  awarded
Medical  School Clinical Medicine  (MBBS) Bachelor of  Medicine

XMU is one of the  Chinese universities authorized by China’s Ministry of Education to enroll  international students in the MBBS programme instructed in English. The  programme aims to help international students to become qualified medical  professionals through six years of training in the medical school and  hospitals. 

Master’s Programmes in  English 2017

As an internationalisation initiative, XMU has launched a  few master’s programmes for international students. These programmes are taught  in English and aim to bring forth high-level international specialists with a  solid professional foundation plus a good understanding of the Chinese society  and culture. If the number of admitted students in any  programme is less than five, the University will advise applicants to change  their program choice. 

Colleges/Schools(Click  to visit its website) Programmes  Degree  Awarded 
School of  Humanities  Chinese  Philosophy Master of  Philosophy 
School of  Law  Civil and  Commercial Law Master of  Law 
International  Law
Fiscal and Tax  Law
School of International Relations/Research School for  Southeast Asian Studies International  Relations Master of  Law 
School of Economics International  Business Master of  Economics 
Coastal and Ocean  Management Institute Marine  Affairs Master of  Science 
College of  Chemistry and Chemical Engineering  Chemical  Engineering Master of  Engineering 
College of  Chemistry and Chemical Engineering  Physical  Chemistry Master of  Science
School of Information Science and  Technology Computer  Technology Master of  Engineering
Wang  Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE)Finance  Master of  Economics
Financial  Engineering
Western  Economics
Quantitative  Economics
Management  Economics
Institute for  Financial  and Accounting Studies Accounting  Master of  Management

1.  Eligibility

(1) Applicants  must be non-Chinese citizens, be in good health, and possess a valid passport.  Applicants should hold a bachelor's degree.

(2)  English  proficiency requirement:

Applicants should  present a TOEFL certificate with 80 points or above, or an IELTS certificate  with grade 6.0 or above, or other certificate of English proficiency from an  accredited test. Native English speakers and applicants who have taken courses  in English during their bachelor’s degree studies are exempt from this  requirement, but a medium-of-instruction certificate should be furnished.  

2. Length of  master's programs in English: two years     Program  Commencement: every fall  semester

3. Medium of  instruction: English     Minimum No. of  students for each program: five

4. Conferral of  degree: Students will be  conferred a master's degree and awarded a graduation certificate after they have  fulfilled the credit point requirement, completed their graduation thesis, and  satisfied their degree requirements in the stipulated period of time.

Doctoral  Programmes in  English  2017

XMU has a team of highly qualified professors, many of  whom hold doctorates from overseas universities. They are able to instruct  international students in English. Currently XMU offers 50 doctoral programmes  in English. Please click here to  download the contact  information of doctoral supervisors for English-medium doctoral  programs. 

Colleges  (Click to visit its website) Programmes  
College of  Humanities Chinese History,  Anthropology, Foreign Philosophy
School of Economics Western Economics
Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics  Western Economics,  Finance, Quantitative Economics
School of  Management Management Science and Engineering ( Note: If the number of admitted students in this program is  less than five, the University will advise applicants to change their program  choice.)
Institute for Financial and  Accounting Studies Accounting,  Finance
School of  Law International  Law
South China Sea  Institute Law of the  Sea
Intellectual  Property Research Institute Intellectual  Property Law
College of Foreign  Languages and Cultures English Language  and Literature
College of  Physical Science and  Technology Electromechanical  Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics
School of  Mathematical Sciences Computational  Mathematics
College of  Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Analytical  Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymer  Chemistry and Physics, Chemical Biology, Energy Chemistry,Chemical  Engineering
School of Information Science and  Technology Computer Science  and Technology,  Communication and Information System,  Electronic Science and  Technology, Signal and Information Processing
School of Life  Sciences Zoology,  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Hydrobiology, Cell Biology, Genetics  
College of the  Environment and Ecology Environmental  Science, Environmental Management, Environmental Engineering, Ecology   
Coastal and Ocean  Management Institute Marine  Affairs
School of International Relations/Research School  for Southeast Asian Studies World Economy,  World History
School of  Pharmaceutical Sciences Chemical  Biology
Institute of  Education Higher  Education



Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.