1.Chinese Government Scholarship—Chinese University Program 

Supporting Categories 

  This scholarship only supports master’s students for no more than 3 years or doctoral students for no more than 4 years. 

  The Chinese Government Scholarship students who require  one year Chinese training should be aware that it is required to pass HSK or  pass the designated Chinese examination organized by Shaanxi Normal University  after one-year Chinese training. Those who do not pass HSK or the designated  examination can continue to study their major for one year, during this period  if they still do not pass the exams, the students must return to their countries  as non-degree students.
 Instruction Language 

  The programs are all Chinese-taught programs. 

Scholarship Coverage 

  This is a full scholarship which covers 

●Registration fee waiver 

●Tuition waiver 

●Free accommodation on campus 


Master 3000yuan per month; PhD 3500yuan per month 

●Medical insurance 

 Ping An Insurance Company shall  undertake the following insurance liabilities during the period of insurance,  Death insurance, accidental disability insurance, Medical Insurance for  Accidental Injury, Outpatient and Emergency Medical Insurance, Hospitalization  and Medical Insurance.

Application Period 

  1 January 2017 to 15 March 2017 

2.Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program 

  Bilateral Program includes a full or partial scholarship established by MOE in accordance with educational exchange agreements or consensus between Chinese government and governments of other countries, institutions, universities or international organizations. 

Supporting Category
  The Bilateral Program supports undergraduate students, graduate students, general scholars and senior scholars. Please consult the dispatching authorities of your home country for the categories available. 

Instruction Language 

  Undergraduate scholarship recipients must register for Chinese-taught credit courses. Graduate and non-degree scholarship students can register for either the Chinese-taught program or the English-taught program if applicable. Program Search (By visiting http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua or http://www.campuschina.org) can help you find the program and university you''''re interested in. 


The scholarship covers both major study and Chinese language (preparatory study).

Scholarship Coverage 

The Bilateral Program provides both full scholarships and partial scholarships. 

3.Confucius Institute Scholarships Shaanxi Normal University 

Approved Scholarship Category and Places Available 

  The Approved Scholarship Categories in our university include the Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) and Scholarship for Students of One-Academic-Year + MTCSOL.

Scholarship Coverage and Criteria

  Scholarship winners are exempt from tuition, accommodation fees on campus, monthly allowance and comprehensive insurance for foreign students studying in China. The monthly allowance for master students is CNY 3,000, for the other categories is CNY 2,500.

4.San Qin International Student Scholarship of Shaanxi Province


 Categories and Criteria

5.Shaanxi Normal University International Student Scholarship 


P.O. Box 2, International Students Office (ISO), Shaanxi Normal University, No. 199, Chang’an Nanlu, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China