Central Asian

History o Central Asian Civilizations  


I. Trainin Objectives


The mission o this major is to  cultivate special talents knowing the development of history  an communication of central Asian civilizations. Students of this major  ar required to master the professional, fundamental and theoretical  knowledge or history as well as to have good command of English, Chinese and  Russian and so on. They are also required to broaden the international view  and have progressive social development idea in order to be able to deal  with international cultural exchange.


II. Training Standards


The students o this major are required  to master the basic knowledge and relevant theory or history of communication  between China and central Asian civilizations. After four years professional  training, graduates are required to acquire the following knowledge and  abilities:


1. Master the important period and  development of world civilization and its great influence on human  society.

2. Mater the primary achievement of  historical development of Chinese civilization.

3.Mater the primary achievement and  historical development of central Asian civilization.

4. Master historical contribution of  civilization communication among China and central Asian  countries.

5. Have rather good command of language,  ability of literal expression and capability of solving practical  matters.

6. Master the basic methods of  literature retrieve, data inquiry and practical research and acquire the  basic ability of working on scientific study and practice.


III. Curriculum Structure

Core courses:
History of Chinese  Civilization, History of World Civilization, History of
Central Asian  Civilizations, Chinese Geography, Chinese Ritual and Customs,
Chinese  Nationalities, Chinese Religion and Society, European Asian Geography
and  Silk Road, Trade History among China and Central Asian Countries, English
and  so on.

Practice: A Study on the World Cultural  Heritage in China, A Study on the Relics of Central Asia


IV. Credit Requirements 

133 credits will be  needed for graduation of this major, including language training and  basic course (73 credits), fundamental course (9 credits), specialized course  (1credits), specialty orientation courses(18 credits),  practice (5 credits), graduate design (18 credits).

V. Duration of Study and  degree-granting

Period of Study: 4 years

Degree-granting: Bachelor of History

VI. Application Requirements

1. Applicant should be under the age of 45 and in good  health;

2. Applicant should have valid passport;  

3. Applicant should have obtained a senior high
school  diploma or an equivalent diploma by the time of application;

4. Applicant should have a mastery of Chinese
language  skills equal to HSK level 3/HSKK level 4 requirements.

VII. Application time: March to June every year  VIII. Applicationdocuments:

1. Photocopy of High school graduation certificate,  this year’s graduates can provide proof of graduation when apply
(either in  English or Chinese);

2. Photocopy of High school transcripts;  

3. Chinese Proficiency Test HSK 4;

4. Photocopy of passport and 5 passport -sized photos;  

5. Some students may required to provide  non-criminal
record. (If the original copy is not in either Chinese or  English, a notarized
English document is required.)

X. Tuition and Fees

1. Registration fee: RMB 350

2. Tuition Fees: RMB 15000 /year

3. Medical insurance: RMB 800 / year

4. Accommodation

Northwest University Hotel Building No.1

Single Room

Independent bathroom, AC, TV, Telephone,  Internet

70  person/day

Northwest University Hotel Building No.4

Double Room

Independent bathroom, AC, TV, Telephone,  Internet

80  room/day




Double Room

Public bathroom, AC, TV, Telephone, Internet


6500  person/year

Triple Room

2300  person semester4000  person/year


No. 229 North Taibai Avenue, Taibai Campus, Northwest University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, P. R. China


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