Undergraduate Proparatory Program

Ⅰ、Teaching Objects and Objectives


This program is specially designed for international students who are going to study undergraduate programs in China. Its objectives are to help students establish their own Chinese language system in a shorter period of time, and apply it in daily communication and talks or discussion on a specific topic.  To this end, it focuses on the teaching of Chinese lexicology and grammar. On completion of this program, students are expected to have the required Chinese proficiency for different majors in undergraduate programs.

Ⅱ、Training Courses

1)Basic Chinese Language Courses, including Comprehensive Chinese (grammar, conversation, Chinese characters), Chinese Listening Comprehension, Chinese Reading and Chinese Conversation.

2)HSK Intensive Training Courses, focusing on intensive training in the aspects of Chinese listening, grammar, reading and comprehensive Chinese.


Ⅲ、Level Placement

This program is provided at three levels: basic, elementary and upper-elementary (levels won’t be available unless there is an enrollment of 10 or above).

1)Students who don’t have any knowledge of Chinese should enter a basic class. On completion of this program and achievement of the New HSK level 4, they can enroll into a fast-class for the major in Chinese Language, where it would be possible for them to skip a year in the second semester.

2)Students who have learned Chinese for one semester at a Chinese university should enter an elementary class. On completion of this program and achievement of the New HSK level 5, they can enroll into the second year for the major in Chinese Language.

3)Students who have learned Chinese for one year at a Chinese university should enter an upper-elementary class. On completion of this program and achievement of the New HSK level 6, they can enroll into the second year for the major in International Economics and Trade (Chinese).

Ⅳ、Length of Program

This program lasts for half a year (one semester). Every year, the program begins in late February and ends in late June. Detailed dates are available in the acceptance letter. There are 36 academic hours every week (an academic hour lasts for 45 minutes).

Ⅴ、Application Deadline

December 31 every Year.

Ⅵ、Qualifications for Admission


Applications are open to foreign citizens with reliable financial support and stability who are senior-high-school graduates with an age between 18 and 50 and in good health. Residents from mainland China, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan who have immigrated, must hold a valid foreign passport or certificate of nationality for 4 years (including) or above, and provide the record or the certificate indicating that the passport holder actually lives overseas for more than 2 years. If passport holder actually lives abroad for 9 months in a year, it will be calculated as one year. 30th of April of admission year will be the deadline for calculating the length of time.

Tuition and Fees (In RMB)


Tuition Fee

Registration Fee


One Semester




★ Tuition and other fees are not refundable once paid. According to the regulation of the Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China, all the international students who study in China should buy "Insurance for Overseas students" in mainland China.


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