Graduate Programs


1. Master Degree Programs



Tuition Fee

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Chemical Engineering


Biochemical Engineering


Applied Chemistry


Industrial Catalysis


Perfume & Aroma Technology and Engineering


Materials Chemical Engineering


Pharmaceutical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Manufacture and Automation


Mechatronic Engineering


Mechanical Design and Theory


Bionic Equipment and Control Engineering


2.Length of Schooling: 2.5 years.

★ Admission only available in Fall semester, opening in September. The exact opening date is available in Acceptance Letter.

3.Application Deadline: June 30.

4.Application Qualifications

Applicants shall be Non-Chinese citizens, undergraduates with bachelor degree, HSK Grade 4; over 21 and under 40 years old, in good health, and with reliable financial support and custody. Applicants can learn Chinese in SIT if they haven’t passed the HSK Grade 4.

5.Application Materials

1) SIT Application Form

2) Photocopy of Bachelor Degree and academic records in English or Chinese. Applicants, who are about to graduate, can submit a certification of upcoming graduation.

3) Recommendation Letters by at least two Professors of your field.

4) Photocopy of HSK certificate.

5) Photocopy of passport.

6) 4 passport photos (in size of 5cm * 4cm).

7) Application fee: 400 RMB.

★ If necessary, SIT will require applicants submit some additional materials.

★ Application fee is non-refundable, payable in cash or remittance (T/T). Checks are not acceptable.

6. Acceptance and Visas

1) SIT checks applicant’s application materials.

2) SIT may arrange entrance examination according to application situation, international students will take part in corresponding examination accordance with professional requirements. The International Students Office will inform applicants of the exact date with written notice.

3) Once accepted, the applicant will receive an Acceptance Letter and a “Visa Application for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China” (Form JW202).

4) With these documents the applicant can go to the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate for visa application.

★ Be sure to have all the above-mentioned documents back after the visa application, which will be required for applying for a residence permit in China.


7. Registration

Applicant shall bring his Acceptance Letter, Form JW202, and passport and register with SIT at required time. Meanwhile, he is required to pay the tuition and fees and buy insurance. If one cannot register as required because of some problems, he has to inform the International Students Office in advance. Those who are late without reason will be disqualified for enrollment. After registration, International Students Office will check the diploma and the original HSK certificate.

8. Tuition and Fees (in RMB)

Tuition: 25,000 RMB /Year

★ Tuition and any other fees are not refundable once they have been paid to SIT.

9. Scholarship

SIT provides Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS) for international students. The deadline for application every year is June 30. 


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