School Fees

1. Tuition Fee:18,000 RMB /year

2. Accommodation Fee: 3000--6000 RMB/year/person(The expense of water, electricity, natural gas and the Internet is excluded.)The room is shared by 2 people, equipped with necessary furniture, refrigerator, air conditioner, water- heater, broadband access, bathroom, etc.

3. Insurance Fee: About 820RMB/year (Medical Insurance for College Students 220RMB/year, and Commercial Insurance 600RMB/year collected by the insurance company)

4. Textbooks Fee: It depends on the study plan each semester.

Admission Materials and Fees

1. Admission Letter and Oversea Student Visa Application Form (JW202)

2. High School Graduation Certificate and high school transcripts

3. 7 passport photos

4. Tuition, insurance fee, accommodation fee, and textbook fee

Special Declaration: Wuhan Polytechnic University doesn’t provide service for the students who have special demands for food, drinks, etc.


No. 68, Xuefu South Road, Changqing Garden, Wuhan, Hubei, China


Phone:0086-571-88165708,+86 15857187587