Graduate Programs

Program Information

Students are required to complete the curriculum between 2-3 years, and doctoral programs are 3-5 years, fulfill the designate credits, complete the thesis and defend it in front of a panel of experts. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the Master's degree/Doctoral degree, according to the regulation of the Degree Committee.

Master's programs are conducted in Chinese, except for the English-taught Programs.

Application Prerequisites

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, have attained required language level and degree.

2. Applicants for Master's program must be under age of 40, have attained a bachelor's degree, and HSK level 5.

3. Applicants for Doctoral program must be under age of 45, have attained a master's degree, and HSK level 6.


Chinese Government Scholarship—Bilateral Program (CGS-BP)

Students can apply for Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS-BP) from CSC  through recommendation of relevant authorities or Chinese embassies. The application period is from November to April, various in countries. Please check the details in advance. Please contact International Student center if you need pre-admission.

Chinese Government Scholarship—Chinese University Program (CGS-CUP)、Silk Road Program(CGS-SRP)

Applicant may apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship to University.

USTB DINGXIN Scholarship

Applicant may apply USTB DINGXIN Scholarship.

Beijing Government Scholarship

Cover part of the tuition fee.

Tuition Fee, Accommodation Fee and others (RMB)

Application & Audit Fee (non-refundable): 600

Tuition Fee (per year per person):  

Chinese-taught Master's program: 31600

English-taught Master's program: 37600

Chinese-taught Doctoral program: 41600

English-taught Doctoral program: 47600

Accommodation Fee:  50 per bed per person

Double rooms in the International Student Dormitory. Owing to the limited number of rooms, students can live off-campus if they failed to order one on campus.

Medical Insurance (per year per person): 600 

All international students must be medically insured though out their entire planned period of study. Students are required to purchase the Comprehensive Insurance Plan of Foreign Students on the day of registration. Students who do not have valid medical insurance will not be allowed to register.

Visa Information

Students admitted to USTB may apply for your visa at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your country with your Admission Letter and JW201/202 form. International students who will study in China for 6 months are required to obtain “X” visa, which will valid for 30 days after you arrived in China. You must come to International Students Office and apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days in order to obtain a legal status in China.

Major Catalog of Master's Degree 2019 

Accounting会计学Architecture and Civil Engineering建筑与土木工程Biology生物学Chemistry化学Civil Engineering土木工程Computer Science and Technology计算机科学与技术Control Science and Engineering控制科学与工程Cultural Relics and Museums文物与博物馆Design设计学Enterprise Management企业管理Environmental Science and Engineering环境科学与工程Finance金融学Foreign Language and Literature外国语言文学Geology地质学Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering供热、供燃气、通风及空调工程History of Science and Technology科学技术史Industrial Economics产业经济学Information and Telecommunication Engineering信息与通信工程Instrument Science and Technology仪器科学与技术International Trade国际贸易学Law法学Logistics Engineering物流工程Management Science and Engineering管理科学与工程Marxism Theory马克思主义理论Materials Science and Engineering材料科学与工程Mathematics数学Mechanical Engineering机械工程Mechanics力学Metallurgical Engineering冶金工程Mineral Processing Engineering矿物加工工程Mining Engineering采矿工程Philosophy of Science and Technology科学技术哲学Physics物理学Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics动力工程及工程热物理Public Administration公共管理
Public Administration(Educational Economics and Administration)公共管理(教育经济与管理)Safety Science and Engineering安全科学与工程Social Work社会工作Sociology社会学Solid Mechanics固体力学Statistics统计学Technical Economics and Management技术经济及管理Translation翻译The major with  can be taught in English 

Major Catalog of Doctoral Degree 2019

Business Administration (Accounting, Enterprise Management, Technical Economics and Management)工商管理(会计学、企业管理、技术经济及管理)
Civil Engineering土木工程
Computer Science and Technology计算机科学与技术
Control Science and Engineering (Control Theory and Engineering, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System, Navigation Guidance and Control)控制科学与工程(控制理论与控制工程,模式识别与智能系统、导航制导与控制)
Engineering Mechanics工程力学
Environmental Science and Engineering环境科学与工程
Fluid Mechanics流体力学
Foreign Language and Literature外国语言文学
General and Fundamental Mechanics一般力学与力学基础
History of Science and Technology科学技术史
Ideological Education思想政治教育
Information and Telecommunication Engineering信息与通信工程
Logistics Engineering物流工程
Management Science and Engineering管理科学与工程
Materials Science and Engineering材料科学与工程
Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Vehicle Engineering)机械工程(机械制造及其自动化、车辆工程)
Metallurgical Engineering冶金工程
Mineral Processing Engineering矿物加工工程
Mining Engineering采矿工程
Physics (Theoretical Physics, Condensed Matter Physics)物理学(理论物理、凝聚态物理)
Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics动力工程及工程热物理
Safety Science and Engineering安全科学与工程
Science and Educational Administration科技与教育管理
Solid Mechanics固体力学


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