Founded in 1909,China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing is a national key university directly supervised by China Ministry of Education, which has been listed into the national “211 Project”, the “985 Project Innovation Platform”, as well as the “World First-Rate Discipline Construction University”. It is also one of the initial member universities for the Strategic Alliance of Industrial Technology Innovation, with its development supported jointly by the Ministry of Education and China’s State Administration of Work Safety. In 1960 and 1978, the university was identified twice as a national key university and was included in the initial list of universities with doctor and master degree conferring authority in its graduate school. The university is now composed of two campuses: Xueyuan Road campus located on Xueyuan Road, the university zone in Haidian District of Beijing, and Shahe campus located in Shahe Higher Education Zone in Changping District of Beijing.


Currently CUMTB has 63 specialties for undergraduates, 16 first-grade disciplines conferring Doctor Degrees, 34 first-grade disciplines conferring Master Degrees, 69 second-grade disciplines conferring Doctor Degrees, 163 second-grade disciplines conferring Master Degrees, 12 professional degree authorization categories for Master Degree; one first-grade national key discipline, 8 second-grade national key disciplines, one national key cultivated discipline and 21 provincial key disciplines, and 14 post-doctoral research stations. In the 4th round discipline evaluation of universities and colleges held by Ministry of Education, its specialties of mining engineering and safety science & technology were ranked as A+ Disciplines, maintaining their leading positions nationwide, while surveying science & technology, and geological resource & science were ranked as A-Disciplines, keeping their preeminence in the field. Four disciplines have entered the top 1% of ESI, including engineering, geoscience, material science, and chemistry. Two disciplines, mining engineering as well as safety science and engineering were qualified as “Double First-Rate” construction disciplines.


CUMTB has its first-class faculty composed of 984 teaching and administrative staff members. Among the full-time teachers, there are 175 professors, 226 associate professors; 168 supervisors for doctoral candidates and 230 supervisors for master candidates. More than83% of them hold doctorates degrees. The university now has 7422 full-time undergraduates, 7092 master and doctor graduates, 1149 students from continuing education school as well as 21 international students.


There are housing facilities for international students at CUMT-Beijing. We provide international studentswith a double roomthatincludes a bathroom, wardrobe,air conditioner,desk, andnetwork facilities. (No cooking is allowed in the room).The water and electric bills are paidby the students themselves. The university owns 20000 square meters of modern sports fields, with a football field that covers more than 15000 square meters, a basketball court, a tennis court, a badminton court, a volleyball court and a gymnasium with a wide array of facilities.The library, with 1600 seats set for reading and studying, covers an area of 10062 square meters. Possessing 0.88 million volumes of books,CUMT-Beijing has a digital resource sharing library collection system with mining and safety engineering as the focus.The library has also set up 17 Chinese full-text databases including CNKI, Wanfang Data and etc, as well as 10 English databases including Ei, Elsevier and etc.CUMT-Beijing has four canteensincluding a Muslims canteen and adining center which offers various kinds of food.The school clinic undertakes medical and health care for all students and staff in the university.


CUMT-Beijing is located on Xueyuan Road in Haidian District, the university zone of Beijing and also lies adjacent totheOlympic Forest Park.Equipped with good facilities serving teaching and scientific research,CUMT-Beijing provides a desirable environment for students to study.It admits international enrollments from language students, undergraduate students, todoctors covering all of its specialties.


Ding No.11 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing P. R.China


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