Accommodation Information

There are housing facilities for international students at CUMT-Beijing. We provide international students with a double room that includes a bathroom, wardrobe, desk, and network facilities. (No cooking is allowed in the room). The water and electric bills are paid for by the students themselves.


Students can also choose to live off campus, but must register with the local police station in 24 hours.


Application & Tuition Fee

Application fee: RMB 500 for undergraduates, master students and long-term language students;

                          RMB 570 for Ph.D students 


Tuition fee:


Language student: RMB 50/class/semester;   RMB 8,250/semester


Undergraduate student: RMB 20,600 / year


Master’s student: RMB 28,800 / year


Ph.D. student: RMB 33,000 / year


General visiting student: RMB10,300 / semester


Seniorvisiting student: RMB14,400 / semester


Ding No.11 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing P. R.China


Phone:0086-571-88165708,+86 15857187587