As a key university in Jilin Province, Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages( HQUFL), founded in 1995. In 2003,it was accredited by the Ministry of Education to offer undergraduate courses, and hence, became the first private four-year foreign language institute to issue bachelor’s degree in the whole country. In 2005, the school began to enroll postgraduates under a joint program with other universities, and in 2011, with the approval of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, the school began to offer Master programs in Translation and Interpretation (MTI). In 2007, the school was entitled as a key institution of higher education in Jilin Province, and in 2010, it became the only school to pilot for the national educational system reform project “Exploration of School Operation Mode for Public Welfare in Private Colleges”. HQUFL has now become an important educational base in the province focusing on the cultivation of advanced application-oriented personnel in the area of foreign languages and foreign affairs. HQUFL is located at the Jingyuetan Tourism Scenic Area, with a campus area of 703,000 square meters and a floor space of 230,000 square meters. As a modern garden-like school, it is a well-equipped one with high-quality facilities for teaching, learning and living, including a library, electronic reading rooms, a simultaneous interpretation hall, a gymnasium, a stadium with an in-door swimming pool .

  The University boasts the only international languages and cultural practice teaching base in the country----The Global Village consisting of twelve inner villages providing a modern and effective platform for students and teachers to get immersed into the target language and culture. The Global Village has newly designated by the UNESCO as “the World Multicultural and Education Center”.

  At present, there are about 10023 students (including full time undergraduate students, graduate students and international students), 762 faculty and staff members, 50 international teachers.HQUFL offers 10 foreign languages, 26 undergraduate programs and 4 graduate programs in 12 schools, covering four disciplines related to the humanities, economics, management and education.

  Now HQUFL is striving to become a high-level private university for the public welfare. The goal of HQUFL is to become a leading private foreign language university with distinctive features by the year of 2020, to further strive to attain administrative democracy, institutionalization and internationalization, to become a high-level application-oriented private foreign language university with a competitive edge in China and high influence in the world.

  Part of HQUFL’s endeavor is to foster international relations with other colleges and universities, by way of teacher, student, or research exchange programs. Up till now, the University has established relationships with nearly a hundred foreign universities and organizations. Every year, the University send around four hundred students to study abroad. And there are about a hundred international students from all various countries to come here study Chinese language and culture.


No 3658, Jingyue Rd. Changchun City, Jilin Province