Shaoyang  University was officially founded in 1958, with its medical school  dating back to 1906. It is a public university owned and managed by  People’s Government of Hunan Province, and is authorized by the Ministry  of Education of People’s Republic of China to award both bachelor and  master’s degrees.


  With  3 campuses in total, the University covers an area of 2376 mu (1.6  million square meters) and the total building area amounts to 723,500  square meters. Its fixed assets are estimated 1.069 billion yuan (164  billion ).The university library has a collection of 1,776,800 volumes  and its e-books’ volume reaches 840,000. The library also owns 24  academic database and 1,700 academic journals.


  Shaoyang  University has established 23 well-equipped laboratories of various  types, including 4 provincial level demonstration laboratories, 129  bases of education and production practice. 4 of its programs are  recognized as “Ministry of Education (MOE) Featured Programs”. 1 of its  programs is listed as “Central Government Special Fund Sponsored  Programs”. And 1 of its courses is named “National-level Excellent Open  Courses”. The University has two affiliated hospitals and one  collaborative affiliated hospital, which are all Class A tertiary  hospitals. More than 70 hospitals are available for its interns to  receive training.


  Shaoyang  University now boasts 20 departments, among which there are 2 master’s  programs (food engineering and mechanical engineering). It offers 61  undergraduate programs covering 11 branches of learning, namely  economics, law, pedagogy, literature, history, science, engineering,  agriculture, medical science, management, art. As of now, Shaoyang  University enjoys a nationwide enrollment of more than 25,000 full-time  undergraduate and postgraduate students. It employs 3,312 full-time  faculties, of whom, 155 are professors or chief physicians, and 545 are  associate professors or associate chief physicians. 772 of its lecturers  are doctoral or master’s degree holders. Prof. Guojie Li, a fellow of  Chinese Academy of Engineering, serves as the honorary president of the  University. In recent 5 years, 887 research projects in total, including  National Key Research Projects, Chinese National Natural Science  Foundation Projects, Chinese National Social Science Foundation  Projects, and provincial level research projects, have been managed by  the University. The University receives 150 awards for teaching and  research, and its publications amount to 5,200, of which 363 are  included in SCI, EI, and CPCI-S. It also witnesses the publication of 85  scholarly monographs.


  The  University actively seeks international exchange and cooperation, and  has established partnerships of various kinds with universities from  more than 10 countries such as UK, US and Australia. The Sino-foreign  cooperative education programs developed by the University’s Weiyuan  International College are widely appreciated. The University is approved  to admit international students from 2011.


  The  University attaches great importance to talent cultivation. Over the  past 5 years, students from the University received 563 awards for  entering contests and competitions of various kinds, such as “Challenge  Cup” National Undergraduates Ex-curricular Academic and Science  Competition (known as Chinese college students academic “Olympics”  events), China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM),  National College Mechanical Innovation Competition, National College  Mechanical Innovation Competition,  National  Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest (NUEDC) , National Advertising  Art Design for College Students, National English Competition for  College Students (NECCS), among which national-level prizes including 29  first prizes, 60 second prizes, and 133 third prizes. In the 2016  nationwide college students music talent show “Voice of Campus”, the  team from Shaoyang University took the crown.

  The  great achievements made by the university in recent years have received  massive media coverage. A number of technologies have won national  patents and the achievements through university-enterprise cooperation  are remarkable. With the school motto “orientation of  virtue and truth, and pursuit of symbiosis and transcendence “being  continuously upheld, Shaoyang University is an ideal university for  study and research with restful environment and picturesque view.



    Among these teachers, one enjoys special government allowance of the  state council; one is the winner of the National Distinguished Teacher  Prize; one is the outstanding youth expert and seven are provincial  backbone teachers. With its total value of 13,506,000 yuan of the  teaching facilities, the department is well equipped with more than  4,100-square-meter laboratories. Moreover, its power- mechanic  laboratory is the provincial model laboratory; the mechanic training  base is the excellent provincial teaching practice base and combustion  engineering laboratory is one of the provincial key laboratories.


Wei Yuan International College, Shaoyang University, Hunan Province, P.R. China, 422000




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