Programs and Specialties with Distinctive Features


1. Chinese Language and Literature

  In addition, other departments with distinctive features are Food Engineering, Communication Engineering and so on.

Programs and Majors


  1. Postgraduate programs

     Food Engineering

    Mechanic Engineering

  2. Undergraduate Programs

     International Economics and Trade, Financial Engineering, Law, Chinese  Language Literature, History, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics,  Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation,  Vehicle Engineering, Measuring and Control Technology and Instrument,  Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Electric Engineering and  Automation, Electrical and Information Engineering, Communication  Engineering, Automation, Computer Science and Technology, Network  Engineering, Civil engineering,  Mapping Engineering, Chemical  Engineering and Technology, Food Science and Technology, Bioengineering,  Horticulture, Management Science, Accounting, Assets Appraisal, Human  Resource Management, Tourism Management, Marketing, Environment Design,  Product Design, Digital Media Arts


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