1.Subjects of Undergraduate Program for International Student at Minjiang University


 Introduction of majors

Major: Chinese Language and Literature


 to equip students with basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of Chinese Language and Literature.

 to cultivate the high quality practical talents with other kinds of expertise and skills which are closely related to Chinese Language and Literature.

Courses offered:

  Introdution to Literature, Modern and Comtemporary literature, Ancient Chinese Literature,Comparative Literature and World Literature, The General Theory of Chinese Culture,Chinese characters study,Ancient Chinese philology,Modern Chinese, Ancient Chinese, writing,Introduction to Linguistics, Cucture of Film and TV, writing though New Media,audio-visual language,Digital Media Technology , etc

Employment direction

  The graduates have the ability to adapt to the society and comprehensive high quality. Ideal jobs for them about : Secretary, News, Editor, Advertising Planning, culturepropaganda, Cultural and creative planning,showbiz creations, Chinese teacher in Primary or middle school.

Major:International Education Chinese

Objectives:  This major emphasizes Chinese- English bilingual teaching. 

  To equip students with basic knowledge of Chinese and English

  To cultivate the high quality talents of Chinese International Education who has developmental potential with comprehensive understanding of Chinese Literature, Chinese culture and Intercultural Communication

Courses offered:

   Oral English, English Writing, English-Chinese Translation,Modern Chinese,Ancient Chinese,Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature,  foreign literature, Introduction to Chinese Culture, Intercultural Communication, Sinology Abroad, Introduction to Linguistics, Introduction to Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language , etc

Employment direction  

  Jobs about international cultural exchange or teach Chinese as Foreign Language in the department concerned, schools, press and publication company or jobs about cultural management in enterprises and institutions

Major: Garment Design and Engineering


 To ensure that students improve in terms of their moral,intellectual and fitness level as well as in their appreciation of aesthetics

 To equip students with theory and practical ability about garment sculpt design, Garment structure design and Clothing management.

 To cultivate the high quality practical talents with the spirit of openness and speciaty of integration of art and technology towards the local economy and culture

 This discipline is national characteristics and specialized, provincial key disciplines.

Main Subjects and Core Courses

Main Subjects:Textile Science and Engineering and DesignCore Courses:Clothing material, Constitution Basis, computer software application, Garment Structure and Process, History of Fashion and Abroad, Principles of Fashion Design, Industrial pattern design, apparel CAD, Presentation Techniques , etc

Employment direction   The graduates could work in Garment manufacture enterprise,Marketing establishment company , Apparel Research organization ,Apparel Industry Management Department, Press and Publication Agency. They could also engage in the fields of Clothing Product Development,Garment research, foreign trade of clothes,marketing management, Garment production management, Quality control and product inspection, Research and development of functional protective clothing, Theoretical Study on garment, publicity and comments. They could also go futher study in Textile Science and Engineering or Art and Design.

Major: Textile Engineering

The discipline is Key disciplines in Fujian Provincial and Featured Majors in Fujian Provincial local. It is characterized by Art Engineering.  

To equip students who can skillfully use computer in Design for Textile Futures with knowledge about Textile Engineering, textile trade, Theory of Textile Art Design. 

To cultivate the high quality practical talents who have Textile engineering theory and ability of  Art Design and Innovation with strong ability about echnological,innovation of Textile Engineering and Innovative design of textiles

Main Subjects and Core Courses

Main Subjects: Textile Science and Engineering and Design, Design

Core Courses: Textile Materials, The principles and Processes of spinning, Weaving Technology, Knitting Technology,Textile Applied Chemistry, Fabric Structure and Design, Introduction to Art, Design Software Application, Textile CAD, Knitting Product Design, etc

Employment direction
  The graduates could work in administration about textile industry, Domestic and foreign brand enterprises,Institutions of higher learning,Foreign-Funded Firms . They could also engage in the fields of Textile Research and Development, textile production technology and management, textile design, household textile design, industrial textile design, textile trade and management. They could also go futher study in Textile Science and Engineering or Art and Design.

Major: Accounting

 To equip students with the ability to adapt to modern market economic development and basic theory of economics and management  

 To cultivate the high quality practical talents of accounting who have accounting, auditing and financial management expertise to work in the fields of Business management and economics and management with knowledge about China Accounting Standards, International Accounting Practice and the spirit of Innovation and pratical ability. 

Main Subjects and Core Courses

Main Subjects: Business Administration, Economics, Law

Core Courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Principles of Management, Marketing, Tax Law, Applied Statistics, Principles of Accounting, Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Management Accounting, Auditing, Accounting Information System, Cost Accounting, etc

Employment direction

 The graduates have occupational quality and the ability to adapt to professional field. The graduates could work in Industrial and commercial enterprises, financial institutions, government and non-profit organizations, accounting firms

Major: Finance

To equip students with knowledge about the basic theory of economics and management,  the systematic knowledge about finance, the specified knowledge in management.  

To cultivate the comprehensive talents of finance who can use Financial empirical methods and analytical tools sillfully with international perspective , intercultural communication competence, the ability of innoviation 

Main Subject and Core Courses

Main Subject: Theoretical economics, Applied Economics, Business Administration

Core Courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Principles of Management, Accounting Principle, Currency Finance, Applied Statistics, Econometrics, Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Investment, International Finance, Financial Derivatives, Fixed Income Securities Analysis, etc 

Employment Direction  The graduates have the ability to adapt society and satisfy the need of society.The graduates coud apply English and modern technology skillfully in the financial jobs such as corporate finance, corporate finance, securities investment, banking, insurance.

2.Language students: Chinese language and literature.


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